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B.A. Degree - Church is my College & Heaven is my University!

Theresa Chimedza CE Belvedere, Zimbabwe, Zone 5 Apprentice

Good Evening Zimbabwe


I have a B.A Degree (Born Again)


Church is my College, Heaven is my University, Jesus is my Principal.  The Holy Spirit is my Teacher, angels are my classmates, the ROR Giant Print Bible is my study book. Trials & temptations are my exams, winning souls is my assignment. Prayers are my songs, praise & worship is my motto.


Enroll today, there is room for all & tuition is absolutely FREE!  I am inviting all of you my friends, relatives & colleages to aquire your own B.A Degree (Born Again) & you will start a life full of miracles because you will be playing by a different set of rules.

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