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Rev Anita Oyakhilome Salvation Story From

Ogie Daniel 5 Star

His Eyes Are On Me I naturally had a deep love and desire for God as a child. My aspiration grew in my nursery school where I was taught by nuns. Dazzled by their devotion and reverence to God, I developed a desire to have a personal relationship with God. Unfortunately at that time, my parents were not committed Christians. My father was disappointed by the prejudicial treatment he got from the Church of England during the period of his wedding. In spite of his voluntary service in the church, they refused to join my parents in Holy matrimony because my mother claimed to be a protestant. This influenced my dad’s disapproval of the church which changed in later years. I maintained a special relationship with God as I went into my secondary school where I joined a Christian group. Unfortunately they majored only on sin and its consequences. Apparently, every student in attendance always gave their life to Christ week after week. I was constantly giving my life to Christ out of fear and a limited knowledge of the word. On one of our meetings, a boy cried out in a very strange language. I was astounded by the language and yet frustrated at my friend’s reluctance to translate that language to English. The same evening, while praying alone at home, I was filled with the power of God, suddenly bursting out in tongues. An experience I considered to be my secret language to God for a very long time. Going onto University, I joined YFC in 1985 currently known as BLW. I had the most beautiful campus experience captivated by ardent believers I will always cherish. Pastor Chris was my greatest inspiration in his teachings and manifestation of the Spirit. My desire to be used of God was further emboldened having been fostered by my exposure to this awesome ministry. I remain forever grateful to God for directing me and to my man of God Pastor Chris for demonstrating the Christian consecration and teaching us to be an instrument of righteousness for the purpose of God.

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