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Healing School in Canada with Pastor Chris

Mr. Christian Expert

WOW! At the concluding night of our 2011 Higher Life Conference porgram on Sunday August 21st, our man of God spoke saying that we will be having the Healing School here in Canada with him next year!!! MAKABASATAYAA AYAAA!! I was excited in my spirit when I heard these words, my heart was just full of unspeakable joy and unfathomable expectation, God is just doing great things in this nation through the ministry of pastor Chris, and it's amazing that we are in this with him, he's our commander-in-chief and we are his good and faithful soldiers. I have a lot to say concerning this proclamation by our man of God but I'll just quote pastor Lan from Ottawa in his own words, "Dear Pastor Sir, Thanks a million for HLC Canada 2011. It was a complete package: The Ministry of the Word, The Impartation of the Spirit, The souls that got saved, Those that received the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, The several Healing Miracles, The Singing, The Numerous Testimonies AND THE ICING, THE OVER & BEYOND WORK OF GRACE --- HEALING SCHOOL IN CANADA -  KABAYALEE MUSDICANTIKO ZANDETUKIYA HAHAHAHA. Since it is Canada, the Icing will not Melt", Oh God, praise the Lord!, and just like Joe Praize said, " Canada will never be the same, ... there is a TURNING AROUND" KAYAAYASABA Ohh good news! glory to God! what is your response towards this glorious declaration by our man of God? Please kindly share your thoughts with us. Pastor Kay also told us on our end of the month prayer meeting on August 26, that whenever Rev Chris prayed to the Lord about it, the Lord told him to have it here in Canada, not USA but CANADA, ayaaaaaayayaa chechechesheshe!!! WOW

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    Royal Praise Apprentice

    I know, the impact the Healing School will make in Canada is unimaginable. The growth we will experience will be too awesome, I can see it already. The spotlight is on us now and all of heaven is watching because we will shake Canada to it's foundations. Because the Healing School is a place that demonstrates the power of the Spirit and no one can deny it, so it would be so easy to win souls when they see the power of God being manifested and healing people that have been left to die, there'll be no argument that Jesus is real. Wow it will do so much for us. I am just so grateful that God found us faithful and for pouring so much grace on us.

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    Mr. Christian Expert

    I was just listening to Rev Anita on YouTube, this was her first visit to CE Netherlands back in 2008 I believe, and these are the words she said that stood out to me, just to make sense of it, Pastor Chris was coming to the O2 Arena in London for the first time, and I would like to appropriate these words from Pastor Anita to ourselves here at CE Canada because our great man of GOD Rev. Chris Oyakhilome is coming to your city in the Month of August.


    "I am excited because I know when Pastor comes, wheel chairs will be removed from families, I am excited because I know in August the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk, I am excited because even before Pastor comes to town we, I, we will make sure, I will make sure the devil is uncomfortable...I've already said to our pastors, Easter go and have healing programs, so even before Pastor comes to town we're going to intimidate the devil, we're going to have the healing school..."(Rev Anita, 2008)




    Here's the link, watch the video and be blessed. There are also other parts to it which you can find on YouTube, God bless you! We'll surely preach this Gospel on the roof tops, in the streets, eveyrwhere we go and flood the cities with the light of the Gospel, so that even before Pastor comes, a great throng of souls will be ready to receive, hallelujah!!!