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Happy to a Wonderful MOG - Bro Gift Arierhire-Richard

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Pastor declared this to be your year of the word and it is evident that the prophetic word is working in you producing what it talks about.


You are just what your name says you are – a gift to your world, family, brethren and indeed your generation. You have answered God’s call to be a servant in His house and thus, a leader in the world. We declare that the best is yet to come and you are fulfilling your purpose in Jesus name.


We celebrate you today and declare that the gifts and calling of God upon you are without repentance and they are too numerous to count. He has endued you with the gift of His wisdom, His ability, His love and has committed the riches and resources of His kingdom to your care in Jesus name.


Bro Gift.jpg

Men are beginning to discover what we've known for some time; that you are a MIGHTY MAN - called to be a giver in the Haven Nation; to serve as Soldier in the Ushering Ministry, to be the head of your faith-filled home.


Here's what some of your brethren have to say on your special day: -


  • Happy Birthday Bro Gift, as you celebrate today, I pray that this birthday would start a new turn in your world. May it bring forth inevitable joy, happiness and favour in your way and as you’ve given so much happiness to so many, may your day be filled with the same joy you bring to others - Bro Tomi Omoyinmi (The Ushering Ministry)


  • Happy Birthday Bro Gift, as you celebrate today and more days, years, victory, favour, prosperity and joy unspeakable. You are one of the leader, member, brother, father and friend I will always cherish – Sis Gloria Tilije (The Haven Nation / The Ushering Ministry)


  • It’s hurray time. Happy birthday MAN OF GOD. Wao, what a weapon in the hand of the Lord; being used to break in pieces the barriers against the gospel; pushing forward the glorious message of salvation of our Lord God and a trophy of praise in the hands of God. Well done, the best is yet to begin. - Bro King-Benjamin George –Amadi (The Haven Nation)


  • Happy birthday O Gifted one! It is such a pleasure to watch the word of God working in you, making you in a man of influence, of power and authority. God’s blessings upon you are unfathomable and incalculable and you are walking into the fullness of your inheritance in Christ Jesus. M heart rejoices in you and I wish you a wonderful day today. You are a joy to serve with and I know that the best of yet to come in Jesus name. Happy birthday Bro Gift, Love always – Sis Uzo Okezie (The Haven Nation / The Ushering Ministry)


  • We all love and appreciate you brother Gift. We wish you a blissful birthday and glorious years ahead. God bless you. Happy Birthday to you!!! – Sis Peace (The Haven Nation)


  • Bro Gift of the Most High God! Wishing you a great and happy birthday. We love you so much and may you continue to prosper in all your ways! – Bro Obum Ekeke (The Haven Nation / The Ushering Ministry)


  • Happy birthday to a very special person. Bro. Gift because you are so special to the Ushering Dept, I am certain you are special to God. He has blessed you with a loving and caring deposition, unique and I have been touched by it. God will open doors no one can shut for you and you will increase in the grace touching many lives.  God bless you and your family – Mummy Olatunji Taylor (The Ushering Ministry)


  • Bro Gift!!! I hope you're enjoying every moment of today. This is to wish you a very happy birthday & to tell you how much you're loved, there is none like you, you are a joy to work with. As u celebrate I wish you the happiest of birthdays – Sis Beatrice Ncube (The Haven Nation / The Ushering Ministry)

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So along with countless others, we thank God for your life today and rejoice as you celebrate another wonderful year as a: -


  • Faithful Son
  • Awesome Brother;
  • Trustworthy Steward;
  • Loving Husband And Father


We wish you a very happy birthday and know you’ll have many more in Jesus name.


Please add your birthday wishes, prayers & prophetic words to Bro Gift as we join our voices to wish him a wonderful birthday.