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Let's Get to Bragging!!

Uzo Okezie (ZE1) 5 Star

Let him that boasts, boast in the Lord - 2. Corinthians. 10:17


It's time to take back our bragging rights!


The world is so full of negative reports making that many, including Christians, ask if God is real; if the stories in the Bible are true & if He is still working in our world today?


They honestly don't know.


But when those of us who have experienced the works of the Lord in our lives and who have seen Him at work in the lives of others begin to make noise about the things God has done, is doing & is going to do, it will cause faith will rise up in the hearts of all who read it.


We will read and be strong and do exploits for what God does for one, He will do for another under the same circumstances. And even if He has never done it before, He can do it for you.


The Bible is full of records of people bragging on God - there are stories, poems, psalms, songs of victory & praise etc dedicated to bragging about the works of the Lord.


Even the angels bragged on God (Luke 1.35 - 37).


We are convinced that there is no one like our God and nothing He cannot do!


So when the enemy tells you something cannot be done, tell him to 'shut up & to go check out the lives of Abraham, Jesus, Paul, Pastor, a host of other sons of God including me ...'. For truly, there is nothing our God cannot do.


So what are you waiting for, let's brag on the power of our God!!

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