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What is your favourite quote by Pastor Chris?

Uzo Okezie (ZE1) 5 Star

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a book that contains the most powerful, most loved quotes by Pastor? Wow! What a book that would be.


In fact, the only challenge I can envision would be where to start and where to stop as they are so many words, spanning over so many years of ministry! And he's still going strong.


But as challenges go, I think that would be a great one to have so I pray this will one day become a reality.


Until then, we can create the Yookos version of it where all of us Yookosites, from all over the world, who have had the privilege of listening to him or reading his books, can post our favourite quotes from him; words that have blessed us over the years.


The quotes you add can be edifying, funny, thought-provoking or even poignant.


But one thing is certain, if the words came from Pastor, they will be life-changing to all who read it for we know that one word from God can change a life forever!


So let's start posting so that all who read Pastor's words can keep saying it & also be blessed!




PS: - If you can include where you got the quote from, that would be an added bonus.

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