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As Zionites I believe we should be trend setters not trend followers and as we set these trend our MOTTO SHOULD BE MODESTY


....Well upload a picture and we all judge whether the dressing is good and appropraite for a christian








Is it true that clothes make the man or woman? Do people form an opinion of us based on the way we dress?


Yes they do.


This is why it is very important that we dress appropriately for every given environment and/or occasion. We would take out time to discuss different environments and the appropriate clothes for them.


1) Workplace: This is a formal environment. However, the dress ethic that prevails in this environment is dependent on your organisation, occupation and prevailing dress code in that office.

Does that mean that we should avoid any sense of individuality in the workplace? Of course not. You can keep your individuality while conforming to the prevailing dress pattern in your office.

Worthy of note is the fact some offices do not have a written dress code but you can follow the prevailing dress code in the office.

For ladies, keep off revealing attires. It calls to you undue attention and could lead to sexual harassment in the work place.

Having said all of this, your workplace except for peculiar offices requires Formal dressing which includes: Suits, Ties (No bow ties please!), Shirts, Formal Shoes etc.


2) Weddings: This is a semi-formal gathering and requires of you to be relaxed in a gorgeous way. For men, it is quite easy as your conventional suits would suffice. However, except you are the groom or his Man of the day, you are NOT allowed to wear a Tux. You don't want to steal the groom's day. A black tie would be perfect for your attire. For Ladies, there are two colours you MUST avoid : Black - It's just too sad for the day and White- It is reserved for the bride.

That been said, a high level of decency is expected in your dressing to a wedding as it is a couple's event. In making your Aso- ebi ensure you are very decent. You don't want to be seen as searching, desperate or seductive.


3) Religious gatherings: By this I mean CHURCH. This is a formal environment. I know the church has advanced in terms of revelation to know that the inward man is the real man (that I am convinced about), however, caution must be applied to our outward appearances. Remember, Man looks at the outward.  You must also remember that we were called to add to our faith outward show of piety which is called godliness. Therefore you are expected to exhibit a high level of formality as well as decency. Avoid casual outfits (except if /when your responsibility demands it), revealing attires, evening gowns, prom dresses, runway outfits etc. You are to exhibit your highest form of piety because it's God's house, God's presence and you are watched by God and Man.



4) Dinner events: This can either be formal or semi-formal. For men there is a code: White ties for formal events and black ties for semi-formal events. Of course, we are referring to bow ties. For ladies: Ball gowns are meant for formal and evening gowns for semi-formal events. So depending on which, be appropriate.


5) Red- Carpet events: This is what I tag "Attend-to every-detail outfit". Whatever theme you want to pull through ensure you have a perfect idea of the event where the Red carpet features. Be sure your outfit fits in. Know whether it's a formal, semi-formal or informal event. Be detailed to your lipstick for ladies and your moustache for men. You could be stopped at anytime and note YOU ARE CLOSELY WATCHED. That's why its Red carpet. Don't miss out any detail and be comfortable in your attire. You don't have to be clumsy or dramatic to steal the show. Be graceful, Gorgeous and Exact.


6) Casual Events: Of course these are informal events. Have a clear understanding of the event. Know the trends and what would fit into the event at that time. Be comfortable in your casual attire.


Before I round off I would like to share some Fashion Tips with you

a) Be Trendy: Know the trends but never be forced to follow the trend. It's about your body and not the trends.

b) Be simple: Less is More. Don't try to put on all you have in your wardrobe.


c) Be decent: Reveal your role model by your dressing. Whether you like it or not, opinions are formed about you based on your dressing

d)Be appropriate: Know the event you are attending. Understand your environment and get comfortable with what should work in your environment.


e) Be weather-compliant: Look @ the weather and dress accordling. Love your skin and protect it.

e) Be confident: After you have put on all of what you are wearing, stand before that mirror and put on your confidence. That is the key to your uniqueness.

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