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abuh mowoh 5 Star

brethren is your views on tattoos and what does the bible say about tattoos? Please make scriptural ref if you may please.thanks happy Easter xoxox

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    sophia  ovonlen Master

    Beloved, On Sunday, 1st of April 2012, at the April Communion Service our Man of God, Pastor Chis taught us that tattoo or no tattoo, one is still a Child of God. He just advised to be sure of what image you're putting on your skin as it's irreversible and permanent..


    Praise the Lord.

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    memory Akenbo 5 Star

    So Pastor do you mean a Christian can have a tatto but it depends on what image you put on your skin because really there was a time I wanted to have a tatto and my spirit stopped me and as you brought up this topic it's like it was pointed at me because I still had unanswered questions...God Bless

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    sophia  ovonlen Master

    Beloved...that is great, what you did through the leading of our inside teacher! This question of tatoo is so similiar to the question of alcohol.


    Anyway Pastor is our father, he has already picked up the ongoing controversy (which is not really a controversey!) on his comments on Sunday. SO he has made a special 3 part video which he just posted one hour ago! Here they are:

    Watch the special Q and A videos on Tatoos: Make sure you see all three parts.


    I am going to put them up in the announcements section, so everyone can watch and be enlightened.

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    memory Akenbo 5 Star

    Thank you Pastor I'm going to watch them.

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    memory Akenbo 5 Star

    WOw!!! That's interesting that was me a few months ago when my dad passed away I still remember two weeks after his burial I said to myself,I'm going to have a tatto for my dad I enquired about the prices and everything it came to £85 I even told brother ike all he said is are you sure of that,the day came went to the tatto shop the lady was about to attend to me I started shaking as if someone as poured cold water on me she asked me if I'm ok and I told her I that I cannot do it even my voice was trembling and I told her that my Spirit just spoke to me, this topic of tattoos reminded me of this day and listened to Pastor Chris a few minutes ago as a child of God you have a control of things through the WORD OF GOD I used to think they is nothing wrong with the tattoos but through your understanding you will know ...........YE shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. [Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I ] am[ the ] Lord[.] Leviticus 19:27to28

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    Joan . 5 Star

    Pastor, i tried to open the link but it doesn't work ... is it the communion service video clip or did he do an extra one?

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    sophia  ovonlen Master

    Jo, it is an extra video. Go to pastorchrislive on yookos and check for the post on Friday 6th of April. It is right there.

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    Yvonne De Graaf (ZE1) Master

    What is your motive for having the tattoo? In this answer one must be honest with oneself. As citizens of Zion we must always consider why??? for what we are doing? what are your motives, your intentions?




    May I also add that we must remember our function here on earth is to bring others to the knowledge of Christ Jesus, primarily through salvation, so let us concern ourselves with higher matters.




    If you really want to make progress in your life as a christian leave aside childish matters.



    Don't major on the minors.



    Personally as a member of the Haven, one of my functions in the Kingdom of God is to provide resources through finance to ensure the propogation of the gospel. So £70 + for a tattoo equals sponsership for ROR reachout, healing school partnership, inner city missions to name just a few.


    just saying #

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