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YOOKOS ACTIVITY CONTEST Garrison Group (5/3/12)

Pastor Emeka Eze #CEPH ZONE 2 5 Star

Beloved Saints of God,  we are the FAVOURED-OVERCOMERS...Pastor yesterday at the Communion Services told us by the spirit that "This month is a very special month; what the Spirit is telling us for the month of March is that this month is the "Month of Favour". You’re going to walk into favour. There is favour for you; THE BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE HAS BEN OPENED FOR YOU IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD and He says those who have been talking about Him, confessing His name and glorifying Him are on ‘Top List’; top-list for the blessing. Your name is on 'Top-List'. This month is your month of Divine Favour, Grace Manifested and nothing can stop it. Hallelujah!"


Now you have to be a believer that follows instructions to the later. Pastor has instructed that we all leave every other Social Networking site and be on yookos; that's an instruction from the spirit, and you have to follow it strictly.


-     Visit the Port Harcourt Page and comment on Pastor Joys post for today, and make a post for yourelf.

-     Remember the all night this Friday, it is extremely compulsory for all PCF, PCU, CELL Leaders, Executive, members in             Church, ensure all your members are in attendance 100%.

-     Remember to get your copies of the book 'HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY' and get an extra copy for someone.

-     Ensure you do a proper follow up on all your members this week - ALL of them.Remember to pray for our brethren and             those who have stopped coming to church for a while now.

-     Also post your testimonies from the Overcomers’ Month on the dedicated PastorChrisLive Testimony Blog. I’d be looking       out to read your posts. -and-10pm-gmt1--mon-march-5


I love you, God bless you.




What is the name of the man who took the body of Jesus after he died. Give scripture reference.


You are favoured.