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Ugo Olike Expert

The Lord said to say to us, That as He has said in His word that every mountain shall be brought low and every valley shall be exalted,  the winding ways shall be straightened and the crooked paths made straight for the coming of the Lord.  And I saw, as though I was standing at a height, a multitude of people stretching far and wide, further than my eyes could see, in a valley. And the Lord said,'These are they that are undecided yet, in the valley of decision; these are they whom I have said that the harvest is ready and the fields are ripe for harvesting.' And as I looked on, the multitude began to rush out from the valley!

And then the Lord spoke sternly, saying,' Yes, I have given you my love, not for you to lock it up in your heart but for you to share it, so go and share it with the people! Then He said, ' I have been lifted up in you, I have been glorified in you as I said in my word, If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.' I have been lifted up and glorified in you- go and share My Love. There are some that have stopped looking unto me but I never asked you to stop looking, as i said in my word, Looking unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.. So Look Up and keep looking and you will receive the blessing and the promise that the saints of old that were before you received, for the looked unto him and their faces were lightened, and they were not ashamed.' So says the Spirit of God!

Praise God!

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