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Prophecy from Pastor after seeds sown @PRC

Tobore Anne Emorhokpor Apprentice

Tonight you have sowed a special seed, tonight your joy touched the heart of God, tonight you have sealed miracles, this offerings tonight are very special. There is a release in the spirit, money has been released, health has been decreed, healing has been decreed, that change you have been waiting for miraculously has happened. You have taken a hold of this. There are some of you the lord has told me to tell you, He has fought your battle. When your mind remembers that matter just say it is settled, it is done, it is done. It's special tonight. You touched a spiritual key, you struck the right key, you didn't plan for it, there are some of you that took an anointing tonight, you will never remain the same. You will see what will begin to happen.