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What do you think about this? Marriage challenge faced by singles...

Relebohile  Gladys Hlabana Novice

Our Ministry is very big with thousands and thousands of "singles". if each of our brothers can go to his Pastor and inform the Pastor he is ready to get married; then Pastors can negotiate and find the right material from all our churches....they know our abilities right!! So if bro so n so from CE Hawaii is ready to get married and maybe the local Pastor does not see a partner suitable for him in the local assembly, then the local Pastor can connect with other Pastors outside Hawaii and locate where there are sisters ready for marriage!


So each of us can submit his/her list of desired qualities and ages to our Pastors and a "MATCH AND MIX" is highly possible! why the stress??


Just imagine it:


Pastor: Sister what are you up to now?


Sister: Morning Pastor, Im free Ma.


Pastor: Ok my sister. Its because there is a brother from CE Hawaii looking for a wife and what he wants sounds more like you and also what he is sounds more like what you are hoping for...


Sister: "Ma!"....(interupting out of shock)...oh am sorry Pastor. I didnt realise you are not yet done!


Pastor: Yes my sister so would you like to meet him?


Sister: Oh definately Pastor I would like to. Where...


Pastor: Im coming to that. why are you in a hurry! He is in Lesotho Sun hotel now waiting for you. This is his number. So you will call him when you reach there...


Sister: Oh...Pastor, I think if he can call me...


Pastor: oh, its ok my child its ok!! Let me give him your number. Why are you shaking? Are you cold?


Sister: No Pastor. Its...I...I think its because Im hungry...


Pastor: very good, the man will provide food. Let me talk to him and give him your number.


Pastor talking to the brother via cell phone...

Pastor: Hello my brother. you see I told you I ve chosen for you the best of my breed. she is denying your number and she says its you who is supposed to call her. and she says she is hungry so do your duty as a man. her number is.4498-23094.


Brother: Oh thanks Pastor Ma. Thanks a lot. Is she at church office now?


Pastor: Yes my brother yes.


Brother: ok Pastor Ma. Im waiting for a limohzine to pick her up and I will bring fruit salad with me so she can just warm up. will buy lunch for the two of us when we reach the hotel.


Pastor: Ok my brother that is so much sweet of you. Will be waiting.Bye!


Pastor: My sister you can just chill in the reception room while waiting for your visitor, ok! Relax. Holy Spirit can never be confused.


Sister: Yes Pastor yes. But am I ok in this pants or should I go home to change?


Pastor: You are okay my child. You are always beautiful, dressed in the Holy Ghost. just be yourself.


Sister: Ok Ma. Ma...!


Pastor: Yes!


Sister: Thank you so mu...


Pastor: Wait my child. Wait to see what the Holy Ghost can do for you. We shall give thanks after.


(a sound of a car outside...followed by a knock....)


Pastor: Come in...Oh my brother its you. You drive at the speed of the Holy Ghost. This is your host. please greet each other.


( Brother and sister give each other the deepest of hugs with tears running down their cheeks. They are just amazed at how Holy Spirit is a perfect Matcher. BUT now these people have caused Pastor extra job to usher them because they both fell under the anointing and there are no ushers at the present moment...)



the rest of the story you finish it yourself...

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