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Great Are You Lord (lyrics) by Sinach

Kayode Benson Novice

Hello friends. I'm here again. I'll come frequently. Have you seen my other posts? What do you think?

I've on the web again interracting with information from within the BLW Universe. Today, I came across Sinach's blog (SINACH LIVE WORSHIP CONCERTS). She's got quite some things there.


Do you know the lyrics of her worship song, Great Are You Lord? She's got 'em there. I've copied to my desktop so I can worship as I work. She's also planning a DVD release too. She also allows people vote for lyrics of the week where she posts lyrics of the winning song. Enjoy...




Holy, holy God Almighty

It'a privilage to worship You

Maker of all universe

It's an honour just to stand before You


With a grateful heart I lift my hands to You

Proclaiming Lord You reign ... click here for more



Kayode Benson-Esho