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Do you trust faith to work? See wat mine did for me when i needed it..


Do you trust your faith to work for you, or do you try to help God out when He has already promise you? See what i got as a gift in relying in my faith.
After the november communion service.., hearing a lot of God's word from pastor chris, i went to my school new site that is about under construction to pick up some things. Suddenly, i got a hit on my right thigh leg thinking it was a stone or an obstacle but standin on my feet, the pain increases and i look down and saw pool of blood. It was a broke bottle piece from the workers shovel that pierced through my thick trunk which i was wearing.. Lots happened as i saved d horrible situation. But in the evening.. I rem the word from pastor that says i live by the word of God not on flesh n blood. So i went into my bathroom and start speakin in tongues n pray before i poured water on myself. My prayer was also on removing the won't believe that up till now that the injury is about to clear off,since the first day, i neva feel nor exercise any little pain from the spot nor my body rather i run every morning wit it and i neva took a treatment nor drugs for this ailment. All i did is to bath, pray, goto lectures, didn't even remember i had an injury... Praise the Lord.. It is good havin the ultimate faith.... Wait when you have asked for it, so don't try helping the Lord out on any cause.. Thank you.

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