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Dcns. Ify CE Bolton Master

We've all been blessed and impacted by teachings by our Man of God- Pastor Chris; through services, crusades, meetings with Pastor, through tapes and books or by teachings of pastor raised by Pastor Chris. If you were to write a personal letter addressed to Pastor Chris, what would you write?

    Dcns. Ify CE Bolton Master

    I would say thank you Sir for saying yes to God. Because God knew I needed to hear the word of God through you Sir, He sent you in my generation.

    Thank you for teaching us God's word in a simple but profound way making masters over situations, circumstances and devils. Challenges have become bread for us and winning is our lifestyle.


    Thank you Sir for always pouring of yourself into us; continually looking for ways to communicate God's word to us in such a passionate way, through services, meetings, crusades, Pastor Chris online, Communion services, Pastor Chris Live and other specials meetings.


    Thank you Sir for your unflinching love for the Master and all the sacrifices you make daily just for us. Pastor thank you for teaching us to be passionate about souls, not just with your words but, with your life. Your passion for souls is communicated in all you do. Watching you sing "Let me be a shining light to the nations" just summarizes your passion and drive Sir and I'm so proud to call you my Father.


    Pastor, you've shown us how to remain unperturbed in the face of staggering opposition, false accusations and persecutions. Your focus, composure at such times have just been so inspiring.


    You've changed our mindset through God's word. We've become mighty financiers of the gospel and money has become our tool and servant. We control money! Money does not control us like it does the people of the world.


    Thank you Sir for showing us that life is more than living for yourself but about changing lives, making an impact and fulfilling our purpose.

    Thank you for showing us through yookos, that indeed our limitations are unreal and that all things are possible!


    Pastor, like the Bible says, time will not permit me to write all that I have learnt from you (from words and deeds) and If I were to write, this space would not contain the books that would be written, but I would like to end by saying Sir, Thank you for birthing us through the gospel, raising us with your life and helping us live that life that God has called us to live. Thank you Sir. I love you Sir.

    Hannah Munyemya Newbie

    Wow, thank you Ma. Awesome. I love the part where you talked about us being financiers of the gospel. Indeed, the things the world craves for have become tools for gospel popagation in ours hands.

    Thank you Pastor Sir!

    Dcns. Ify CE Bolton Master

    If I were to write again today, I will still say the same things over and over again. Thank you Sir