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Are you properly registered on Yookos?


Dear Brethren


I wish to raise the issue of members using their first names only (such as John, Mary Peter)  or nicknames only (such as 'Holy Ghost', 'Sunesis') to register on Yookos. This makes it very difficult and sometimes impracticable to invite your members to register on Yookos or when they are registered to invite or add them to  groups or projects. For example you want to add a member 'Mary John' who is registered on Yookos but that member only registered with her first name ('Mary') they will be over 10 names registered as 'Mary' only on Yookos.


I urge members to please edit their names to reflect their full name (first name and surname) on Yookos for ease of identification and registration on different groups.


Make your experience on Yookos worthwhile!


Br Gabriel Enuezie

CE Colchester