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Instructions for prosperity

Philip Abhulimen ZD1 Expert

Today's. Service was so loaded. I thank my God I was there to hear and receive such wonderful words. Pastor Emeka spoke about the instructions for prosperity. I heard that as a child of God It was compulsory that I give my First fruits, Tithe, Offerings and seed. He said that our lives are in our hands. GOD made available to us everything we need to prosper, He only wishes that we knew and took advantage of all he has given us. God has given us PHRONESIS. We ought to do the word for it to produce results in our lives. He said the ways of the transgressor is hard. He said that there is no disadvantaged person. God has given us the grace to Lambano. Hge said you are not a millionaire when you have a million in your bank account. NO. You are a millionaire when thou are able to give a million. he said that you should never fight your distractions. Face your targets. Channel your energy towards your goal attainment. See differently, aact differently. Make up your mind to be loaded by doing God,s word. Be a giver, give your first fruit, tithe, offerings and give your seed and watch yourself grow up into all things. Remember, in the morning, sow your seeds, in the evening, withold not your hand. GOD BLESS YOU.