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  • 10. Re: why do people leave church?
    Peter Johnson (Donannies) Novice

    well just as Jedidiah said 'it all depends on the level of the christian.some are nipples ,while some are baby christian and we have the matured christian. as the word of God said we have to carry every one along no matter the level of his or her faith . we need to pray for them that the holyspirit would open the eye of their understanding and show them more ways to handle situation in the house of God rather than taking a backout decisions.


    we as christian need love , we need to walk with our spirit minds not our sensual perception.we need to grow positively in our attitude,lifestyles,and way of expressions.we are all humanly imperfect.only when we become christian that the life of christ and the spirit of God dwells in us and help our imperfection ..


    When managing people you need to see them with the eye of love and see that inability and weakness in them and out of love influenced them positively to change. With these we would be able to keep those christian that are not yet grounded in the word of God and are still babies. we need to carry them along ,nurture them till they grow maturedly in the christendom.. It all start within us  "the leaders in church" to show and lay good examples......thanks

  • 11. Re: why do people leave church?
    Nsima Nseobong Asuquo Expert

    i choose precisely the number 4 of one of the underlisted reasons. this is the number one reason. most of the time people come to church because they feel somehow they will get help for job, get healed immediately. someone once said I can,t come to your church again because they are so demanding  for money to do paint church, buy things and if you are so commited the leaders seems to use you for erands or as their message boy. so you can understand that this the number and most of them will not tell you.

  • 12. Re: why do people leave church?
    Chinelo  Okun Newbie

    THESE PEOPLE ARE NEPIUS . It is so disloyal, selfish and fleshly when people go from one church to another! like what Pastor Chris said at the communion service "people who say that the Holy Spirit told them to leave church did not hear from the Holy Spirit." These people create confusion in the church and that is why there is so much confusion in their own lives. They think that their responsibilities in the church is like a job that they can just quit one day. You will notice that these same people always have one struggle in their life.

  • 13. Re: why do people leave church?
    St  Emeka Newbie

    Very insightful discussions and thoughts. The Pauline epistles dealth with this issue having experiences of such and seeing rise in individual opinion in the church at that time. In my contribution, let me restate that the Word of God is not opinion nor a personal feeling. The Word of God is life, reality, Rhema. Persons leaving church act on personal feeling. So the reasons for such actions are what the scriptures in 2Cor 6:11-12 and 1John 2:19 explains to us. So I enjoin us all to pray for our brethren without ceasing that they make the right choices in this life. We have received the capacity to live a life filled with love pleasing to our God, Amen.

  • 14. Re: why do people leave church?
    Austine  C Newbie

    Thanks for your information.I will go with u cos it is the fact.

  • 15. Re: why do people leave church?
    Austine  C Newbie

    Thanks for your personal opinion.But please, , you need to find time and talk to alot of folks that left church.I will say no to my personal outcome from follow-up and after talking to people that left  church.


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  • 16. Re: why do people leave church?
    Chinelo  Okun Newbie

    Its not an opinion, its the word of God!

  • 17. Re: why do people leave church?
    Austine  C Newbie

    Thanks alot my dear sister in christ.Remember what the bible says in the book of Isaih.God said  my son let us reason together,let us talk,let us discuss our opinions.In christianity we have the free liberty to express opinios.By principle God cannot force you.Because he is God.Remember,all christians cannot be under christembassy,we still have christians from winners,all nation,redeemed etc.It depends on the vision that God gave your ministr.For example,am in christembassy cos am with the vision .I  have my business partners in winners church with different vision and doing big things for God.Some of them left christembassy cos they dont see the vision the way i see it.But as long as the gospel is preached thats what matters.But remember,. is what God want not the church that you belong.Thank you my sister as we discuss and try to find solution.Gods word and the God that i / we  serve  wants my / our opinion and he accepts.Because as he christ is so i am. Am created in his image and likeness.Therefore my thoughts and opinions arew his.When i speak God speaks.For christ to be in me be enthroned in me he wants my opinion and belief in me.


    God bless you.


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  • 18. Re: why do people leave church?
    Ada Ufomadu (ZE1) Apprentice

    I was once talking to a Dear Sister that left church, she came up with how bro A and Sis B offended her and did not love her enough (BTW she has been BA for at least 6years).

    In the midst of our discussion she started telling me how her boss is the worst ever , her job environment is making her sick. I asked her to leave and get another job. Her answer was NOOOOO! how am i going to survive.  JUDGE for yourselves. Nepius or what?


    Which one gives rhema God or your job /boss that will wake up one day and let you go for whatever reason.


    Let us pray for our brethren fervently in love and let the holy spirit take charge. It is not by might nor by power because Austin C i have showered people with love, with words, in giving, denied myself, followed up with all my heart, chose my words and they still came up with some reasons, left church and of course left me with a broken heart.

  • 19. Re: why do people leave church?
    Austine  C Newbie

    Thanks my dear sister.we will continue to extend our hand of love to all christian family.It is our calling..Remember the love of God is in us..haaa haaa. God bless you and Congrats for IPPC 2011.