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Door to Door Evangelism....share your experience

Dapo Prosper Ogun CE HIGHVELD PRETORIA Novice

Have you been willing souls?or do you have great testimony about your experience in winning souls for GOD?......SHARE it here with the whole world and encourage others

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    We are a group of five sisters from Christ Embassy Pretoria central, We started to get active in the campaign on the 28-06-2011 the tuesday after the ICLC conference with our Man of God Pastor Chris in Randburg. We could'nt hold back the revelation that we received it was too much. We have a lot of testemonies, but theres juct a few which really made us realise how important DDE is to people.One of the sisters in the group got a job in the Month of Praise, a week after we started with the campaign, it was two days after Pastor Taiwo our Dad had prophised on our jobs. the other sister had a desire of furthering her studies at an University, in the process of the campaign towards the end of the month of praise, she got a miracle call from TUT informing her to come start attending her classes.  People are thirsty for salvation out there, they need solutions to their problems, healing in their bodies, answers to their unsolved problems, peace in their families and We are the only ones carrying that revelation which can help them change their lifes completly. The three of us visited a flat in sunnyside Pretoria by the name of JanFE Celliers, we visited this two ladies which are in their youth ages, one of them is a Born again Christain but one of them is not. We started to share the Word of God with them, then after we gave one lady an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ in her life, she denied That opportunity but we were not moved. we asked them if they want us to pray with them then they agreed. then the one sister whos saved shared with us a problem she had about her womb, she had an internal PV Bleeding, she had to use Pads every single day, because she was heavily bleeding And the other one had a fungal infection on her facial skin, she had two colour tones its like her skin was pealing off. Right there we became so confident, we started speaking in tongues declaring their healing using the Word of God. It was friday when we visited them, saturday I called one of them, only to find out that the saved one has been admitted in hospital, i informed the other DDE sisters about the situation immediatley, then we started praying in tongues. Sunday after church i got informed that she was discharged.Monday morning we visited them, Oh Glory to God, they were completly healed. There were no signs of sickness on them, they were happy glorifying God with their words of amazement. Wednsday they came to church with us and they were blessed. We Glorify God for his Power has been manifested in DDE campaign, God's Power is really the only solution to peoples life.I encourage every one to start carrying the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ on their daily basis because it shows the power of salvation in our lifes, soul winning is God's number one job. Halleluyah.   

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    Dapo Prosper Ogun CE HIGHVELD PRETORIA Novice

    WOW...sis luggy..A great testimony indeed.PRAISE GOD..GOD is using us {DDE} to do mighty works in PRETORIA

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    Amantle Mmileng CE PTA Central Zone2 much! RSA Newbie

    I'm among the 5 powerpackd sisters tht sis Luggy was talkin abt! The experiance has rili been tranforming, we have not been the same since, just the joy of seeing someone hu suffered for years, free from disease is overwhelming. if u only understood what u carry, the power thts in ur touch! I remember entering the room tht those sisters were laying sick in, we just told them tht 'God sent us 2 u'! They were amazed! These Good News have to be told. It has been so rewarding, just hearing a new convert utter their 1st tongues... it's the inexplainable joy tht Rev. Tom spoke abt at ICLC.  For us it's just a moment in their homes, but the impact in their lives is recorded in the Book of life! To date, I alone have led 64 people to Christ, thru DDE, which I honestly don't think I would've done if not for the DDE. I've never been this excited abt soul winning in my life! I thank Pastor for encouraging us to do this. We are reaching the unreached and even the most religious of ppl have opened their homes 2 us & gave their lives to Christ. The Lord has been so faithful,proving the Word we preach with signs, wonders n miracles, putting His Word in our mouths 2 answer whichever question put to us. I'm also thankful to God for my Pastor, Pastor Taiwo, who has so fed us with the undiluted Word of God tht no one could buffle us with the Word of truth.. we are fulfilling scriptures in our generation, they cannot resist our wisdom, just like the Master said in Luke 21:15! Don't wait for 2morow. Don't let the blood of any man be found on ur hands. It rili IS a matter of life n death, bcos whn they don't know Him, they are spiritually dead. They've got to know, they've got to be told. God is counting on u, it's not enough to celebrate the Gospel among ourselves.. Therefore brethren, I beseech you , just do it! 

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    Wow!!DDE!!This is truly a divine platform ,the product made in heaven.The Mighty Sisters,Partners with Jesus,The unbeatable team,This is amazing.This really excites my spirit.He said ..."GO YE THEREFORE" ..he said so becuase he knew that you have been empowered to do so.DDE is an exciting initiative,even if you think you are shy after joining DDE you will notice that 'shy' is not how you should define yourself.

    When you start to open your mouth God puts words of power .He talks through you.The Spirit of God gives you the relevant scriptures to provide answers to all the quesitions and He enables us to carry out our responsibility as the ministers of reconciliation.


    Through DDE I learned to get hold of the word and that it comes to pass in my life.I got a job after joining DDE for two days,the job I never thought  I will do but hey we can do all things through Christ.

    Glory to God.I thank My Pastor,My lifecoach and My good sheperd-Pastor Taiwo for encouraging us to carry out the great commission.It was my Birthday on the 19 Aug and I tild God that I will win A soul for Him and make sure that the person comes to church and it happened.I went out for DDE on the 20 Aug and Sunday the person came to church,I was so excited in my spirit.The person wnated to make the time an issue but I didnt give in he came to church and he is also looking forward to ur cell meeting.MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO GOD,I WISH I DID THAT EXACTLY ON MY BD.