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IPPC 2010, Day 1.




1. He Is Alive.

2. The Love Of God.


Christ made His head quarters in me. This is not a mere religious clitche, this is a fact. He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name sake. I can't fail, I dont meet anybody by chance. He is alive in me. I carry Him everywhere. When I show up, God shows up.


You have to understand the love of God. To know Him is to love Him. The love of God, when understood, is lived. When you walk in love, it will change your vocabulary. When you walk in love, there are things you cannot think or say.

How do you serve God? Do you put money in the tray? Do you write Him cheques? You can do all these without serving Him.

There is a more excellent way. One of the things you should look into, is your speech. Your way of speaking. Until you change the way you speak, you don't know love. In this conference, you will be changing something everyday. Remove something and put something. How was Jesus like? How did He talk? I don't have my own way and life anymore. He bought me and became my Lord, for me to do what He wants. I ought to be a love slave to Christ. I belong ot Jesus. I am his property. I have to submit myself to this reality. When will I stop been myself?

Act your love, show it. The things we say to people are more important than the things we give to them. So it begins with my speech. Train to have good language. I must consciously change my way of talking. When you discover Jesus, your language will change.


Have you ever thought about compassion? Until you are soaked with compassion for the brethren, you have not started. The Holy Ghost sanctifies my mouth and my heart. I lost my life a long time ago. What matters to me is, WHAT DOES JESUS THINK?