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why do people leave church?

Osa  Idehen Apprentice

Hello everyone. I want us to discuss this all-important subject - why do people leave church?

Being involved in follow-up over the years, people have given me many reasons why they left church. some of these reasons include:

1. Offended by what a leader said to him or her

2. living a lie i.e people talk the word but acted opposite

3. Too much disrespect for each other

4. Nobody cares about their challenges

5. No love amongst brethren.

  ......................................................... .e.t.c


what do you think? lets discuss this and also suggest solutions to the challenge of losing members in church.

Come on! Lets get talking people.

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    Jean  Kaunda Newbie

    Hello Osa, the reasons you have stated are so true, and i think it starts with love amongst the brethren in church because  where there is no love, all those other things you stated happen.The bible says that love is the greatest, we should learn to walk in love. Godbless

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    Jedidiah 5 Star

    Hello @Osa Idehen, thank you for bringing this to the table. I definitely know it is on the mind of everyone who is actively involved in soul winning and follow up.


    The way I see it is that it depends on the level you are. Show me someone who hasn't encountered one or more of the points you have outlined above and you know the person has been living in a hole. It is bound to happen but it depends on how the individual handles it. In our earthly families, same things happen but just because it is so, you don't see individuals leaving their family or disowning family members but yet we do it in our spiritual family and our spiritual family is even stronger than that of our earthly one.


    First, it starts with prayer from those who are the Huios in the house. Prayer works and we have seen it work in our ministry time and time again. With prayer, those challenges that people face will dematerialize. Someone said that "Prayer moves mountains" and indeed it does.


    Secondly, we the Huios have our own part to play. Like @Jean Kaunda said, we should learn to love with the love of God, agape.


    Thirdly, we ought to be living examples for all to see. As the wonderful song goes "Let the world see Jesus (heaven) in your eyes...", we need to show that love that binds us together and be doers of the world.


    Now as to why people leave church, it is simple. Pastor Chris has said it and Pastor Kay has reiterated it too. The devil will not sit down and watch us depopulate hell and not do anything about it. All these other "excuses" are just the eventualities of the devil's workings. But we know we have overcome and we are more than conquerors. Remember that @Sinach said "The devil is defeated... His under my feet". Enough said.

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    Jacinth Andrea Williams 5 Star

    Hallelujah! I could not agree with you more Sis Jedidiah! Amen my sister! @ Sis Jean, we will continue to love and pray that instead of people leaving, people will definitely be joining, as all things are possible through Christ!

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    Osa  Idehen Apprentice

    Wow! well said my sisters: Jean, Jedidiah and Andrea. Lets keep the conversation going people. More response. Thank you.

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    Austine  C Newbie

    Thanks alot our dearest sister OSA for such an interesting idea and topic. And to our sisters that have responded, thanks alot. let me talk about solution to this.Christianity is the last hope of humanity and the church as the body should be the best place to be. Although church is a place to perfect people i.e. leaders, members and all; we should all be in that position to love, accomadate, forgive, talk to people nicely, and respect individuals. Being a leader, deacon, departmental head or an old member, is not a reason to talk to people disrespectfully, because in christianity, you dont speak according to how you feel but according to the leading of the Spirit and the word of God. So, let us as leaders talk to ourselves. This is my personal opinion based on my discussion with people who have left church. I will add more thoughts later.

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    Jacinth Andrea Williams 5 Star

    Pastor Kay did such a remarkable job tonight in answering any questions or concerns, we might have had in regards to this topic and the solution and even one of the main reasons, this sometimes tend to occur in the church.We thank God for such a shepherd and anointed man of God who not just has the gift of knowledge but also relays the word so well. Sometimes the truth hurts, but hey, at the end of the day, it will still remain the truth! This is the # 1 reason I love this church, I hear nothing but the truth, nothing is chocolate covered so I won't feel offended, no, it's the truth that pierces the heart with hopes of bringing you closer to God!


    If I may also add that people should take time out to pray for the leaders of the church, get under that spiritual umbrella and be blessed, it works.If you can't give any other way sow seeds of prayer into the family of our leaders. These people fast when we are eating, and are on their knees praying when we are sleeping. Also as is written Psalm 105:15

    Saying, "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm" so I defintely would not entertain anyone who wishes to vent about issues with leaders of any church as these people are vessels chosen by God and consecrated to His service.

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    Dcns Evarista Eboh Novice

    Dear Sister Osa thank you for this lovely question! People leave church because of misplacement of priorities. People come to church for different reasons, some come to socialize with others, when this is not forth coming they leave. Others come for business intention, to be recoganize by the group, to show how much they could perform on one church activities or the other with no intension of finding out what the Holy Spirit  want, and when these expectations are not met they become fruastrated and leave. The extreme, most of them come for what they could get from church, not how to make the church of God a  better place and when all these things are not coming through, slightest offense send them out of church.


    Our reason for coming to church should be based on the word of God in the bible. When you have fellowship or relationship with God privately, then you follow the instruction in the bible to fellowship with the brethren, your reason for coming to church will be clear to know more about God and who you are in God and help other brethren to become like wise. With these intensions your priorities will be focus on how you could make a church where you find yourself better for the out flow of the Holy Spirit. Not who say what, to whom! But what can I do as an individual to make the environment more conduicive for the presence of God.  With this few points people should only leave a church with the instruction of the Holy Spirit. When Holy Spirit make you leave a particular church, you will know because he will have higher assignments for you where ever he is sending you. This experince only comes when we have fellowship with God and know who the Holy Spirit is! Thank you my dear and God bless you.

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    Osa  Idehen Apprentice

    Thanks alot Dcns Eva. This is very inspiring.

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