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I was talking to one of my brothers today and I told him, ‘to be an over comer means there must have been a battle to be fought. An overcomer is a winner. Overcoming a fight requires energy is an active process.but to be favored means to have things done without your active participation.. saying;we operate from a standpoint of rest.




As many of us that watch the show ‘x-factor’. the judges try to study the different characters and find out that indefinable aura, that special thing that makes them stand out. It is not principally about the looks, talent or experience. It is about that thing that cannot be figured out, that unknown factor…This is the same about you, when God put His life inside you, He also put in something else, something that gives you an edge in life. It is something that makes you overcome obstacles, defy all odds and reach the mark. That is what they call the ‘x-factor’. But the scriptures call it the ‘favor-factor’. it is the gracious hand of God. It is God’s favor, His blessings. You can’t explain it nor figure it out; it is God breathing in your direction.




The most beautiful thing about it is that most of the times, it happens to us in our worst moments. When we do not merit it. God demonstrates His sovereign love towards just to show us that we don’t need to impress Him to be blessed, it is His favor that shines on us that causes us to prosper.




Psalms 44vs3-The victories you have seen in the past were not because of your own doing, it is because God favored you. You are where you are today because of God’s favor. The obstacles you overcome and the blessings you enjoyed, that was God opening the doors for you, that was Him smiling down on you.




You may not come from a wealthy house, not have the ‘looks’ or appear as brilliant as the next person, but you have something that puts you over the edge. Other people may not see it, it is not on the paper, but there is something about you that causes the right doors to open; that is the gracious hand of God.




But to see this favor, you need to walk like someone who is favored, talk like one, reason like one, don’t walk through life hopelessly. remember and be conscious of God’s hand on you.




God put a dream in the heart of Nehemiah. He lived thousands of miles away from Jerusalem. On paper, the vision was impossible. He had no man power nor resources. But He was conscious of God’s favor on him. One day, he asked for leave of absence from work from the king, he was given. He wrote a letter asking the king to write all the regions and tell them who he was , so he would be protected, Gain, the king agreed. Later, he wrote another letter to the king asking him to write the timber offices that they give him whatever he needs, the king agreed. On the day he left the palace, he left with protection and money.  Nehemiah 2vs8, Nehemiah recognized the favor factor. He knew the gracious hand of God was upon him. He got to Jerusalem, found some people. Nehemiah 2vs18 tells us how he bragged today about God’s grace and they finished building the wall in just 52days. FAVOR WILL CAUSE YOU TO ACHIEVE FASTER THAN YOUR STRENGHT.





Don’t complain about things, boast of God’s gracious hands. The more you boast about God’s favor, the more of it you enjoy. Psalm 41vs11-12. what keeps you from being defeated is the favor of God. Job understood this principle. At the heat of his trials, he boasted of Gods favor in Job chapter 10 but he didn’t come out of the situation until chapter 42. it is all about faith. You don’t need to see it before you believe, you have to believe for you to see it.

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