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The ability to imagine is a gift from God to man. Animals are limited in ability because they cannot imagine.  Your life today is a reflection of your predominant imagination i.e. your effective imagination. Effective imagination refers to the sum total of your imagination; what it seeks to achieve and the direction it takes. If the sum total of your imagination is negative, your life will go in a negative direction and if it’s positive, your life will go in a positive direction.


Learn to centre your mind on CHOICE IMAGINATION. Choice imagination means what you decide you want your mind to dwell on. What your mind conceives, you can create.


Prayer is important because God uses it as an opportunity to direct your attention and guide your imagination towards a particular purpose. During prayer, our spirits are open to see those things that are naturally difficult to believe. Some Christians ask, “what if I don’t see anything when I pray?”. CREATE SOMETHING! You have the ability to conceptualize. That’s why He gave to you the power to imagine.


Many of us have thought that until we see a vision from God, we may not be able to carry out the things we desire. The truth is God doesn’t need to show you a vision because He already gave you the power to create a vision- YOUR IMAGINATION! You can create what you want. People may come to you poor and wretched, it doesn’t matter, you can make something great out of them. Choose what you want to see; imagine them living in prosperity and speak it forth!


What do you want to create?



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