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Nico Venter Novice

Hello all of you beautiful folks!


It is really cool to see you on this space (well, especially those whose pics I can literally see I suppose!)


Thank you for joining, I do hope we can use this space well to make us even more effective in our service to The Lord! Especially if we can figure out some cool ways to make this tool even more effective than anyone has thought it could be.


Imagine we could start posting recordings (audio & visual even) of our ministrations, and send it out with Yookos! I have it in mind to invite wonderful leaders and examples like Sinach and Joe Praise to our Group, so that we can be sure that they see what we do and be blessed by what we do by the Spirit! Imagine!!


Anyhoo, I have some Rhapsody translations to do, so I'll be keeping quiet for a while!


Love ya'll BIG time!