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Romancing with the holy ghost

Edward Munyoro CE Boksburg(Zone 2) Novice

It is a great experience to be intimate with the holy ghost.There is that sharing together that brings a deep sense of  completeness.Surely,in His presence there is fullness of joy,peace and tranquility.He restores all lost and forgotten treasures ,not only that,He also gives assurance in the midst of our confusion and hopelessness,that  everything is under control.Oh,how I love Jesus,because He cares for us with so much deep compassion.Our Pastor taught us that He calls us His friends and to be a friend of Jesus awakens to the reality that He is prepared to do anything for us ,even to be killed..........because we are His friends,now the question is,can you do the same for Him?Do we love Him the same way He loves us?Remember,love is not love until it is given away.He loved us so much that even death could not stand in His way to prove His love to us.Its a miracle to comprehend the death,height,length and width of the Lord's love towards us.Not everyone will comprehend it,unless there are shown.Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me and calling me your own , I promise to tell and show my world your love that shed is abroad in my heart.

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    Oh that's earthshaking Gov..If we can comprehend thelove of God then we have His fullness in is that fullness of God that people see in us..the one that makes us different from the next person..the one that gives us identity and bring upon us His glory..


    Talking about romancing with the Holy Ghost..everytime i finish praying, normally during that time of the night when most people are snoring, i get this sweet feeling..i feel complete, joy i cant explain..most of the times i find it difficult to fall asleep for a couple of hours coz that's when i start planning in the Spirit..getting guidance and being shown the is that moment when i make decisions by the Spirit..Pastor Chris says that is the moment when His presence is heavily felt like you can almost touch it..Oh sweet Holy Spirit..