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    Pwanobato Bondima Master

    Faith is you have my unfailing word for the now it's yours, lie have the word but didn't act upon the word, its lies domant so people can easily regard that as lies even though its not

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    HENRY  OKAFOR Newbie

    The observation in Proverbs 13:7 is applicable, to the discussion here:


    1. To men's worldly estate. The world is a great cheat, not only the things of the world, but the men of the world. All men are liars.  Here is an instance in two sore evils under the sun:--
    2. Some that are really poor would be thought to be rich and are thought to be so; they trade and spend as if they were rich, make a great bustle and a great show as if they had hidden treasures, when perhaps, if all their debts were paid, they are not worth a groat. This is sin, and will be shame; many a one hereby ruins his family and brings reproach upon his profession of religion. Those that thus live above what they have choose to be subject to their own pride rather than to God's providence, and it will end accordingly.
    3. Some that are really rich would be thought to be poor, and are thought to be so, because they sordidly and meanly live below what God has given them, and choose rather to bury it than to use it, Ec 6:1-2. In this there is an ingratitude to God, injustice to the family and neighbourhood, and uncharitableness to the poor.

    II. To their spiritual state. Grace is the riches of the soul; it is true riches; but men commonly misrepresent themselves, either designedly or through mistake and ignorance of themselves.

    1. There are many presuming hypocrites, that are really poor and empty of grace and yet either think themselves rich, and will not be convinced of their poverty, or pretend themselves rich, and will not own their poverty.
    2. There are many timorous trembling Christians, that are spiritually rich, and full of grace, and yet think themselves poor, and will not be persuaded that they are rich, or, at least, will not own it; by their doubts and fears, their complaints and griefs, they make themselves poor. The former mistake is destroying at last; this is disquieting in the mean time.
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    ...@Pwano..your word should be your action, your word is you... The Word of God is Jesus... if its domant its not a lie, I believe if you are speaking the same thing in consent with God (Homologia) it will surely come to pass, it doesnt matter how long

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    ......hmmm bro Henry, God help us...  grace is abundant

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    Clyde Dube Expert

    Thank you for the revelation.Aunt

    #rehoboth# mash east

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    Chyke Nwokorie Apprentice

    Wow! Faith is not the denial of the fact but denying the fact the opportunity to decide the circumstances of your life

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    Chyke Nwokorie Apprentice

    The life of faith is strongly linked to your confession

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    Lies producing Fear, The one who lie (fear) his answer always it will be "I don't know if God can do this or that."


    Faith produce results. The one who believes his answer is: " It is done!"

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    very true sis

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