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  • 30. Re: why do people leave church?
    Jedidiah 5 Star

    No @Dcn Israel, the question has not been answered. Yes, I have said something about this discussion but I want to bring another angle to it.


    I am a team leader in the First Timers' Ministry and I have been privileged to follow up people that come to church. A sister from another church visited us on a Wednesday service because they don't have mid-week service in their church. She loved the way I followed her up that she even made a comment that touched me. She said she knew exactly what was missing from her church because of the way she was welcomed and the intense follow up afterwards. She said she will be taking this kind of follow up back to her church. After giving this testimony, Pastor Kemi said something that has changed my view of this discussion. She said that our man of God and our ministry has been mandated by the Holy Ghost to teach other ministries the right way to do things. This is also the reason we have the ISM and the group visits to the Healing School.


    Having said all of this, my question now is: When @Osa Idehen asked the question why do people leave church, what church does she mean? Is it the church of our Lord Jesus Christ or church, the local assembly? The reason I ask this question is because let's say someone leaves the local assembly to a church that the ministers have taken the classes from ISM and then for some reason is active and dedicated in this ministry. Are we going to call this one a NEPIOS (and yes, I was the first to call them that so I am pinching myself) like we've all dubbed those that left church? Or what if someone left due to marriage or school or something else, is this also wrong? Or let's agree the person left due to anger or some circumstance but has gone to another church and is now committed, do we view this as bad even though he did not backslide thereby leaving the church of our Lord Jesus Christ (which to me is the greater stand in this discussion)?


    Please don't fume at me yet for the questions I have posed but look deeper into your hearts and judge this very well. Yes, we are taught the Word the way the Word is but is Christ Embassy the only assembly that the Word is taught? I think I just blew this discussion wide open and I am feeling PREEEETY good about it. I want to hear other people's input. God bless you.

  • 32. Re: why do people leave church?
    Franklyn Ihuoma Novice

    Leaving Church for any of the above mentioned reasons is only symptomatic of NEPIOSIS.

  • 33. Re: why do people leave church?
    Tunde Oboh (ZE1) 5 Star

    #1 and #4 are reasons that I have heard. We need to pray for young converts and older members as well that they would grow in knowledge and mature in their Christian walk.

  • 34. Re: why do people leave church?
    Tunde Oboh (ZE1) 5 Star

    How true. Knowing these things, we ought to pray for our brethren.

  • 35. Re: why do people leave church?
    Osa  Idehen Apprentice

    Thanks for ur new comment @Jedidiah. To answer ur question. The church I am referring to here is Christ Embassy as a local assembly.Not the Church of Jesus Christ as a body. Tnx.

  • 36. Re: why do people leave church?
    Osa  Idehen Apprentice

    Tnx @ Disreali. Hahaha! Not yet. We need more soul-searching answers. Lets keep it open. tnx

  • 37. Re: why do people leave church?
    Mr. Christian Expert

    Babes in Christ are used to letting good things happen to them. and bad things happen to them. The only reason one would leave church is because they've refused to be in charge. You have to come to a position where you happen things! Don't let things happen to you;rather, you happen them!!

  • 38. Re: why do people leave church?
    Jacinth Andrea Williams 5 Star

    @ DCN Israel, kudos to you Sir. I could not have said it better !

  • 39. Re: why do people leave church?
    Bethels C. Iheukwu-Ijomah ( ZE1 ) 5 Star

    People leave a Church simply because they are disinterested, dissatisfied, or feel they can find a better Church.

    In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. (Proverbs. 3:6). If you feel the Lord genuinely wants you to leave and go elsewhere for good reason, go to your leader or your Pastor and discuss it with him. Don’t just stop showing up for Church. That is inconsiderate and immature. Keep in mind, leaving one Church always means finding another -- the Lord does not lead anyone to simply stop going to Church. The Bible records… Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching. (Hebrews. 10:25).

    Once the Church has the following factor (A) is scripturally sound, (B) is reasonably stable and loving, (C) has godly, moral leadership, (D) is doing their best to exalt Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and (E) if they’re making a reasonable effort to minister to you and your loved ones, then hang in there and remain faithful! You don’t know how blessed you are to have a healthy Church like that. Many Christians would give anything to just find a Church that is merely at peace!

    If you’re unhappy with a Church with the above listed factors, it’s very likely that the problem isn’t the Church, but yours. Either you are hung up on some trivial issue, your feelings have been hurt, or you struggle with discontent from other personal problems. I thank God for the teaching ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD. Dedicated minister of God’s Word, his messages has brought the reality of the divine life to the hearts of many. Christ Embassy is more than a Church! It is a vision, God’s vision!! Gloorrryyy!!!

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