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How often is a dog fly and a bird bark in your life?

Anong  Thongpoo Novice

God always speaks truth!


When He makes a covernant, He keep it!

When He makes a statement, He means it!

Ane when He proclaims the truth, we can believe it!


What He says is true. Even "if we are not faithful,

[God] will still be faithful, because He cannot be false

to Himself." (2 Tim. 2:13)


The Lord hates those who tell lies but in pleased with

those who kept their promises. (Prov. 12:22)


The Lord hates....a lying tongue. (Prov. 6:16-17)


[God] destroys liars...[and] hates those who kill

and trick others. (ps. 5:6)


According to Hebrews 6:18, it is imposstble for God

to lie.  He cannot lie.  For God to lie is for a dog to fly

and a bird to bark. It simply cannot happen!!!


There are times when the truth is difficult...

In what circumstances are you most tempted to lie?

What do you do when you fall short?

How do you measure up to God's standard in this area?

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