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Woomie Novice

Is it Biblically wrong for a Christian to get a tatoo on his/her body. If I tatoo the name "Jesus" on my arm is that wrong?

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    Franklyn Ihuoma Novice

    @Woomie, Leveticus 19:28 answers your question. Remember he is the LORD

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    Woomie Novice

    'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD



    What if I got inspired to put it...

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    Janice Moore (ZE1) Novice

    i know God commanded against tattoo in the old testament.......What are the person's motives for wanting a tattoo? what's symbols and what do they represent? The answer to these questions will determine if wrong or not.

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    Franklyn Ihuoma Novice

    @Sis Janice, WHAT!!!, Ur compromising response tells me U have one. Pls don't modify it. S and 5 can never b d same irrespective of the fact that they look alike. sis Janice HABA!!


    @Woomie, that inspiration or influence is from one source known by us all...REJECT IT NOW!!!

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    Tunde Oboh (ZE1) 5 Star

    @ALL: I recommend y'all listen to Pastor Chris' message "The concept of sin" All questions will be answered and all doubts will be dissolved.

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    Franklyn Ihuoma Novice

    @Tunde Oboh, Well Said

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    Janice Moore (ZE1) Novice

    @ Franklyn.......nay I don't haveth one yet, but thou shalt sooneth seeth me with one. Lol.......

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    John Evangel Novice

    The concept of Sin - anything not of faith that works by Love.


    If Getting tattoos were a sin, then God would not save those who have them. Same thing with cigarettes and drinking. After all, there was a time in which Women wearing trousers/pants was considered a sin, because of Deut 22:5. We now know that it means the particular clothes, not the style of the clothes. Moreover, the Law has been abolished. And we see people wearing trousers and getting saved and spoeaking in tongues.

    I don't know if any one has been to a non Christ Embassy church in America, but I tell you, sometimes you'll see people dressed all goth - rings, tattoos, painted hair, black lisptick, boots and all. And these ones will pray for people who are sick, and they get healed in Jesus name. They'll speak in tongues, they'll win souls to Christ. So, lets not place a tag, but leave the HolyGhost to deal with each man as he sees fit.

    However, Like Big Bros Pauly said: "All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient; all things are lawful, but I will not be brought under the power of any."


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    NJay Ezzy Expert

    Well said bruh. #WiseWords

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