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Higher life conference Cape town day 2

Dcns Olgah Muofhe Novice

Wow, wow wow


What an amazing experience, the night of glory. I received the word in my spirit like never before. I have Zoe in me and all over me. The souls that where won the first day, the second day was mind blowing.


I really give God the glory for the souls that where won, the Lord is building Cape town. The people in cape town are so much excited and they  are receiving the word. I was at the second floor last night & right up there two ladies walked out of their sicknesses and push their wheel chairs, indeed their faith prevailed.


I can't wait for tonight. Thank you Pastor Ose for a beautiful conference.


Oh thank you Pastor Chris.


Most importantly Thank you Lord Jesus for loving SA, we will make you smile by winning more souls.


I love you Lord Jesus.


Tell us your experience so far and your expectations for tonight.


God bless you