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How to pray effectively

Lerato Khubone CE Durban 2, Zone 2: Southern Africa Apprentice

This is the book that will get South Africa to read. I am now hiding from my neighbors because they want the book and have even offered to buy mine ! Oh wow, such love from God, and our man of God. He truly had us in mind when he wrote this book ! I can hear Pastor's voice as I go through the pages. As I read I am so filled with the Spirit and I hear Pastor praying with me.


This is what has stand out for me so far.


1. Prayer is primarily our communication with God.


2. Certain prayer sessions are especially designed by the Lord to help straighten out things in the spirit realm regarding our immediate or later future as individuals, families or ministries.


3. Do not doubt after you have prayed.


4. Your spirit was programmed by God to respond to His word


5. The more you put your faith to work, the stronger it becomes



I wil stop here for tonite. What has stand out for you ?