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A New Level For LCC3 Surulere Members

idiagi ohonsi (ZA3) Newbie

God visited me last Night & showed me HUGE financial releases to LCC3 Surulere!

I shared this with Sister Janet as i woke up!

It's no coincidence! It's coming on the heels of our 2 days fasting & prayers & our breaking of bread last night!

God was vexed in the revelation that He UNLEASHED wealth on us ALL!

I heard Him saying, just as Bro Levi prophesied at our leaders meeting, "money is a small thing before me. I am the God of

all creation". I sent you to do the work, now receive ye the money you require to do the work. I sent you, i will sponsor you".

Continuing, He said," I have been waiting for your to know the purpose of money! It's for the work sake!"

Wealth is no longer how much i have in my bank account but how much of the gospel have i sponsored! How

much have i given for the work of God? How am i expanding the frontiers of God's kingdom! Who have i affected with

the word of God! How many bibles /ROR  or ministry materials have i put in the hands of souls! WEALTH redefined.

This should be our yardstick! Different from the world's standard (houses, cars, properties etc)!


We have entered into a new phase/level! Nobody should ever consider his/her self poor or small any more!

We are God's mighty men! God's millionaires for the work's sake! Don't forget the purpose!

Glory to God who has qualified us for this stupendous & fabulous riches FOR THE WORK SAKE! Hallelujah!!!