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  • 10. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Pastor Eva (CE Welkom, Randburg Group, Zone 1) Maitsile Apprentice

    Good evening Pastor Ma. This is the time for our visitation and God is taking us from glory to glory!

    Wow! Cape Town March 2012!


    Thank you Ma

  • 11. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Ndumi  Gwayi Newbie

    Good evening Pastor Ma!

    Cape Town has never seen anything like what they shall see that week! I grew up there Ma, and I know that the month of March 2012 is going to be an unforgettable season of transformation and unprecedented expansion for Cape Town, South Africa, and all those who shall participate!! Our brethren are also highly pregnant with expectation Pastor Ma!

  • 12. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Pastor Francis Boakye  Ce Bloemfontein 5 Star

    Good evening Ma,

    Cape Town 2012 is going to lunch us into another face of global evangelism.also to be strenghened with might in our inner man to take new territories for Jesus.further more, i see cape town 2012 amplifying the voice of our beloved ministry in every nation of the world. oh the impact of this meeting goes beyond words description.

    Thank you Ma.

    Francis Boakye

    CE Bloemfontein

    Randburg Group

    Zone one southern Africa.

  • 13. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Lebone Joseph CE Reitz RB2 Zone1 Newbie

    Good evening pastor Ma.


    Cape Town 2012.........  Everything and everything is already welcoming what's coming to Cape Town in 2012. The seas are roaring as a sign of welcome to what God is going to do! Lives will be changed forever! People will sing a new song! It will be another level of anoiting! I am so excited ma! We thank you ma.

  • 14. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Charles Kajese Newbie

    Good morning Pastor Ma, Cape Town 2012 will change the whole world. I expect the spreading of the gospel to move at a much faster pace than ever before, after this meeting the gospel will be in every nook and cranny in the entire world and it will be more acceptable across the board. I believe that at this conference we will open up the Middle East and Asia. The demand for our ROR the world over will be unimaginable; the ROR will overtake coke as the most known brand in the world. We just gonna take over the world, dominating with the gospel.





    Everyone that will attend the meeting I expect them to have a different and unique mind set especially when it comes to world evangelism, of course everything about us will change, our thinkings of the gospel will change, our talk will change, our step will change, our look will change, our addresses will change, our evangelism strategies will change, our message will change, we will become a new species never seen or heard before. I expect a total transformation such that the world will be wondering, what manner of men are these? The glory of God will be clearly visible in us and we will turn many to righteousness.





    Pastor, Cape Town will be more that we can imagine and we are so excited and looking forward to having a great time with the Holy Spirit of God, the message will be life changing inspiring us to move fast and do more with what we have received.



    Thank you Pastor. I love you.



    Bro Charles

    Zone 2, RSA

  • 15. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    eddy Newbie

    Thank you pastor for the opportunity to update our Spiritual lives again

  • 16. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Khanyisa Tola

    Good morning Pastor Ma


    I have got high expectations Ma, I have started seeing pictures already, like Pastor told us to during the ICLC. I am expecting a transportation of the Spirit, like in the bible days, when Philip was transported by the Spirit to another City Ma. Where we will not need physical transport to go and preach the gospel, we will just be there, does not matter the time or place. I believe that time is near Pastor Ma, and it has come in Jesus Name. Cape Town will never be the same again.The bible says "The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off". Hallelujah 


    Thank you Pastor


    Sis Khanyisa

    CE East London

  • 17. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Eddie Moyo 5 Star

    Good Morning Pastor Mam.

    I see a great impartation Mam that will catupult us higher realms of Glory. Im getting ready by the day.



    ZONE 3.

  • 18. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Oscar Mushapaidze CE Alexandra RBG 2 SA Master

    Good morning Pastor,


    Cape Town 2012 will mark a new level of global evangelism as our man of God said. Cape town will be changed from being a tourist destination to a spiritual oasis and pilgrimage for the whole world.


    Thank you ma.

  • 19. Re: CAPE TOWN 2012
    Prophet  Witness Newbie

    Good morning Pastor Ma.


    Early hours of Tuesday as I was praying.I saw a vision.I saw a mountain, very steep on one side.The other side of this mountain was very dark.And I saw a bright shining light coming to this mountain, suddenly i saw the lord Jesus standing on top this mountain.And he said to me this mountain is South Africa, and then I saw nations, people of all nations and all race marching singing praises beholding the King of Kings.And he said the last glorious move of the Spirit will be experienced in South Africa to the world, and he said it shall be cut shot for it will be end of the world.Hallelujah!!!!!!Thank you lord Jesus


    Cape Town 2012 is kick off of this prophecy, we will so shine for the master through the Holy Ghost and transformation of the word.This is it.The plan and expectation of God for those of us is very High.BLESSED ARE WE.Lets get ready.GREAT IS THE LORD




    I love you dearly MA

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