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Burning of Kuran in Afghan....

Tebogo Thobejane Expert

From increasing petrol prices due to tensions between Iran and the West, to the Eurozne crisis leading to the bail out of Greece, to the USA Health Ammendments bill leading to an uproar of the entire Christian Community, to the detainment of the British jounalists in Libya......



Recently came in the burning of the Kuran in Northwest of Pakistan in the U.S base. Presidenat Obama and serveral heads on states apologised for the act, and this seemed ok at the time. Well a twist has been put to it by serveral campainers asking the question "Why did the President apologise for the burning of the Kuran", because he has not apologised for the burning of the Christian churches in Nigeria serveral months ago....


So what is your take, do you think the apology is warranted for the burning of the Kuran?

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    Pastor Sue Mokgosi, CE Kempton Park, CESA Zone 2 Master

    Its about time we speak up for our Christian brothers and sisters that are being killed in several countries. As a Christian, when you hear of such what goes through your mind?

    You should be thinking, let's pray for the President and his government, that God will give them the wisdom to govern and counsel. This is not just an apology but a presidential apology, which means there  is a lot at stake as far as the president is concerned. There has been a civil unrest for some time and the two presidents have been trying to have some form of a partnership and now the burning of the Koran is going to make things worse.


    Brother T, Nigeria is even further considering there were other churches that were burned in Egypt and in Pakistan? This is a world in which nobody would speak when such things are happening.

    That is why Pastor wants us to always pray for our leaders and make sure that they make the right decisions for their nations and governments. I can't wait for the day where We will see presidents taking a stand against Christian attacks all over, not just in one place but all over the world. It shall be done in the name of Jesus.


    A lot happened against Christians and such apologies were not heard of. At the end of the day it's not up to us to judge anybody. We just need to continue interceding for them. With time, God will open their eyes. Apology or no apology, the gospel will be preached to the ends of the world. This is a good fight of faith. The Lord is our helper!


    Let us keep interceding for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and all over the world.

    All is well.

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    Emmanuel Manavira  Ce Kempton Park Zone 2 Apprentice

    I think that an apology was to be done, for the sake of peace.We need peace in the the world for the gospel to be preached. Acts of aggression can only aggravate the situation. Lets pray for world leaders that they come to an understanding that they are leading the people of God whose lives are precious before us  all and before Him.

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    Tebogo Thobejane Expert

    Initially i was of the opinion that the apology was not warranted, but after much thought somewhat had a change of heart.


    I think this is a tricky situation when you consider the impact that this has had on the world, starting from the the time of ex president George Bush Snr. President Obama's campign in 2008 focused on ending the Iraq war and slowly moving out of the east and coming up with new ways of technology. This would mean minimizing their independence on foreign supply. Therefore I am of the opinion that this is what he is still aiming to archive, moving out of the east, this i think has highly contributed to their crippled economy, but this move still has to be done with care and his apology to the situation doesn't necessarily show weakness but character, and a man who hasn't lost sight of what his goal is in the midst of turmoil.


    Was the apology warranted, I think so looking at what he is aiming to archive..


    Will his apology make a huge difference, not necessarily, but it keeps him in track of what he has set out to archive in 2008.


    SO why did we not hear anyone apologizing for the Christian torment in recent time, I don't think that the lack of apology on Christian attacks should be used to count against the US president. Those who were responsible for the bombings should have been reprimanded by the head of their own states.


    I think Pres Obama has illustrated that he is a true gentleman.