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The Newness of Life

Sibongile nxumalo Novice

Thank You Pastor, I felt that the message today was powerful. My way of thinking is renewed everyday, I realise that I am dead to sin and I can feel myself taking those steps to higher knowledge about the word of God.

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    The Newness of  Life in Christ Jesus also contains as part of the package , the overcoming  'ABILITY' ,,,being dead to SIN, not responsive to SIN, " the bible tells us for we have overcome them" Greater Spirit leaves in us than he who is in the World.


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    Caroline Irungu Muchoki (ZE1) Master

    Wow, i was so inspired. Thank you so much Pastor Peter.  What a consciousness! Just the statement alone gets the anointing to well up in me. Wow! NEWNESS OF LIFE(This is the life that I have inside)Pastor shared from Romans 6. I am not a normal human being! Meditating on the few thoughts Pastor Peter shared with us, my mind has been rearranged, ooh how easy it is to break out of anything i want to change,how small satan is and how Great God is. There is nothing i cannot change or get.

    Romans 6:1-2 What shall we say then? shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. This is a message of grace and not condemnation.  It shows, how loving and how forgiving God is and how Grace is. I refuse to carry on in any carnal ways saying after all the grace of God is there. Yes, the Grace of God is there but if i carry on doing wrong, it destroys my sunesis(my mindset, the way i perceive things). It is a damn thing to do, it shows that i don't understand the word of God.

    A person who goes on sining like this will develop a wrong mindset and say, "after all i can just ask God to forgive me"! This is so destructive to your spirit and if you continue this way you are actually deceiving your spirit. Your spirit becomes confused and therefore cannot be a sure guide from inside, and when your spirit is confused you cannot take a sound judgement. You cant take sound decisions from your spirit. Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

    You cant go far into the wrong and continue to go far to make it right. Stop, turn around and start going towards the right direction. It may not be a convenient decision or pleasant to your flesh.  The important thing is to turn around and head for the right direction.

    To be continued..........

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    Caroline Irungu Muchoki (ZE1) Master

    Romans 6:2 God forbid. How shall we, that are DEAD to to sin, live any longer therein?Wow i am dead to sin.  I am unresponsive to sin. He has said so that i may boldly say, i am unresponsive to sin.  Next time any temptation tries to pop up its head, i tell it, am unresponsive to sin.  Ooh glory to God. I am dead to sin and alive to God. I have opened up my mind and my spirit to the word of God.  The word of God i imbibe is able to build me up, it carries the power to make it work, it needs no back up so i just apply it by itself because it is living and active,  It has the power to do what it talks about. I have layed aside every weight. Those negative thoughts may try to come the way they used to come but now its too late devil because i have been updated, synchronized with the Holy Ghost.  I have inside information of who i am. Ooh glory to God for His word is dependable, invincible.  The word of God has taken centre stage in my mind.

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    Sue Materu Expert

    Amen, Thank you Sis Sibo and Sis Caroline,


    Indeed I'm dead to sin am alive to God and that is present truth.

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    charitymatemera.CE Reading.Prayerful women cell 2. Uk  zone3. Master

    Amen brothers and sisters,Jesus took the hard part for us and gave us the easy part,the new life,the glorious life.I am so grateful for these revelations,God is continually revealing fo us who we really are and what we have

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    Kim-Grace  Musungo Novice

    Thank you very much for posting the notes of the service I have been greatly blessed and lifted to another level of GLORY.

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    Kudzie (ZE1) Expert

    The message was just awesome.  Pastor told us that with this Word, you can get rid of any and every bad habit.  With this message we can live the victorious life at every count.

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