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Match Day Live

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Group Stage



Spain 1-1 Italy

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    Francis Ikechukwu Onwuegbuzie Novice

    Bro. Paul. What's your take on the Champions league kick-off for February. Thierry Henry is on ground to turn tables around

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    Blessing Ofili  (AVG) Expert

    Br Paul keep up the good work indeed and keep loving the lord with your intellects

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    Pwanobato Bondima Master

    Full Time on La Liga

    Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

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    Pwanobato Bondima Master

    Friendlies 2nd Half Wembley


    England2 - 3 Netherlands


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    Mr Discussion Expert

    Pwanobato, who do you think is going to win La Liga this season?

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    Pwanobato Bondima Master


    Final 1st Half Wembley Live



    Cardiff City2 - Liverpool

    • 80'Here's that change - Fraizer Campbell comes on for Danny Welbeck.
    • 79'Parker trips over the ball and gifts possession to Arjen Robben - yikes! England eventually cover but that's an uncomfortable moment for the skipper.
    • 78'Fraizer Campbell is about to come on for his England debut.
    • 77'Dutch change: Urby Emmanuelson comes on for the disappointing Wesley Sneijder.
    • 76'Stekelenburg races out to clear as Sturridge chases a through ball.
    • 75'Robben cuts inside from the right and gets a shot away... loops in the air off a defender and Hart collects it.
    • 74'Rash challenge from Mathijsen, and that's the second booking of the game.
    • 73'What a miss by Sturridge! Baines fires low across goal but the Chelsea man somehow sidefoots straight at Stekelenburg when the finish looked a formality.
    • 72'Sturridge races down the right, but Schaars stays strong and holds the England man off - he wins a goal-kick.
    • -LIVERPOOL WIN THE CARLING CUP!! Jubilant scenes on the Wembley pitch! They have done it the hard way, but they don't care!
    • 2-3Anthony Gerrard must score... MISSES!! Wide to the left!
    • 2-3Glen Johnson... SCORES! Into the roof of the net, great penalty.
    • 2-2Peter Whittingham... SCORES! Left corner, Reina dives the other way.
    • 1-2Stewart Downing... SCORES!! Bottom-left, Heaton goes the other way.
    • 1-1Rudy Gestede... MISSES!! Off the left-hand post!
    • 1-1Dirk Kuyt... SCORES! Bottom-left, Heaton dives the wrong way.
    • 1-0Don Cowie... SCORES! Top-left corner past Reina!
    • 0-0Charlie Adam... MISSES!! Atrocious, miles over!!
    • 0-0Kenny Miller... MISSES!! Off the right-hand post!
    • 0-0Gerrard... SAVED!! Incredible diving save onto the bar from Heaton!
    • -Here we go - Steven Gerrard will take the first kick for Liverpool.
    • 120+1Cardiff are just hacking the ball anywhere... and that's it! IT'S PENALTIES!

    • 120+1Cardiff are just hacking the ball anywhere... and that's it! IT'S PENALTIES!
    • 120+1The ball pinballs around the Cardiff box before it is hoofed deep downfield.
    • 120+1Corner 19 for Liverpool. One more minute to be played.
    • 119'Just before the equaliser, Kuyt had cleared off the line from a corner. Is it penalties, then?
    • 118'Another corner for Cardiff, and Liverpool are just looking a little nervous.
    • 108'GOAL! DIRK KUYT FOR LIVERPOOL!! The Dutchman breaks through the middle, his attempted pass is half-cleared and Kuyt deposits the rebound into the right corner! Fresh legs from the Liverpool sub have made all the difference.
    • 108'Kuyt leaves his man in a heap opn the right and crosses low to Suarez, who is off-balance and cannot control. But that counts as a real chance for a player of Suarez's ability.
    • 107'Cardiff sub: Darcy Blake replaces Kevin McNaughton, and both teams have now used all three changes.
    • 106'Second half of extra time under way, and Liverpool are straight on the attack. It could be a long 15 minutes for Cardiff fans.
    • 105'That's half-time in extra time. Fifteen more minutes - we either have a winning goal, or we have penalties.
    • 90+3'Brace yourself - barring some incredible late drama, we're going to extra time.
    • 90+2'Gerrard! Sidefoots over from 25 yards! We're in the second of four minutes of added time, incidentally.
    • 90+1'Huge chance for Suarez as a Cardiff mix-up sees him get beyond the last man... but his touch is uncertain and he then sends an atrocious chip high and wide! What a disappointment.
    • 90'Carragher fouls, the grabs hold of the ball and goes to ground to prevent Cardiff taking it quickly! Apparently this absurd gamesmanship isn't worthy of a booking.
    • 89'That was such a massive chance for Kenny Miller - Andy Carroll was making a last-ditch lunge, but apart from that there was no excuse. Now Liverpool have yet another corner.
    • 88'Cardiff take a free-kick quickly and work it smartly for Miller inside the box - it's a great chance, but he blazes his shot over from eight yards!
    • 87'Injury-enforced Liverpool change: Jamie Carragher replaces Daniel Agger.
    • 87'Johnson crosses diagonally for Suarez, but Turnmer glances it behind for yet another corner.
    • 86'And here come Liverpool on the break with Suarez, who tees up Adam for the shot... powerful strike, well held by Heaton!!
    • 85'Kenny Miller chips it into the Liverpool box looking for Gestede, but he overhits the pass.
    • 83'Cowie stands a fine cross from the left up to the back post... and Turner heads wide! Real chance for Cardiff.
    • 82'Glen Johnson cuts back on to his left foot and strikes a long shot... wide.
    • 81'Agger goes down like a tonne of bricks after Tuner's arm catches him in the face. Accidental contact.
    • 81'Gunnarsson sends a long throw into the box, Gestede flicks it on and Carroll gets a vital header away.
    • 80'Whittingham hits it, but smacks the ball squarely into the wall.
    • 79'Kenny Miller wins a soft free-kick 25 yards from goal, and Cardiff have some excellent set piece merchants - Whittingham and Cowie.
    • 78'Downing hits a low, stinging strike that Heaton gets smartly down to. Offside against Suarez who was chasing the rebound.
    • 77'Hudson is down with cramp, and after a bit of umming and aahing, Jose Enrique put the ball out. That's a relief for Cardiff.

    • 64'Mason shoots from the edge of the box, it goes through a clump of legs and Reina makes a simple enough save.
    • 63'This is a real test for Cardiff now. What do they do? Change approach and come forward? Or continue to defend and look to hit on the break? Call me Mr Negative, but I'd probably plump for option two if I were Malky Mackay.
    • 62'Finally the Liverpool fans have come alive again, thanks to that intervention from the unlikely goal poacher Martin Skrtel.
    • 61'While the producer was showing us replays of the goal, we missed a moment of drama at the other end when Gestede went down under an apparent shove by Johnson. Malky Mackay is furious, but there was nothing in it really. Good decision by Mark Clattenburg, who saw no foul.
    • 60'GOAL! Liverpool are level through Martin Skrtel! The corner is headed on by Carroll, Suarez diverts it onto the woodwork and Skrtel pounces on the rebound, tucking it past Heaton!
    • 59'Another good tackle - Turner in on Suarez inside the box. Albeit at the expense of a corner.
    • 58'Here's the change we expected - Craig Bellamy is on for Jordan Henderson. He will maraud down the Liverpool right.
    • 57'Adam crosses from the left for Agger, whose looping flick-on is easily caught by Heaton.
    • 56'Great tackle McNaughton to dispossess Suarez has he prepares to pull the trigger. Corner.
    • 54'OK, so I guess I owe Suarez a mini-apology. The ball did flick the defender's hand as it came off his leg, but there's absolutely no way it could be considered a handball.
    • 53'Yellow card Henderson for a foul on Mason. Not his day.
    • 52'Charlie Adam hits a long shot that takes a big deflection and loops over. Corner. Suarez preposterously demanded a penalty when the shot clearly came off the defender's thigh.
    • 51'Cardiff under pressure defensively, and Turner heads over his own bar for a corner.
    • 50'Suarez gets the better of Hudson and shoots from a tight angle - you would have expected Carroll to make himself available but he stayed put at the edge of the box. Heaton pushes Suarez's shot away.
    • 49'Cowie backheels into the path of Kenny Miller who drives the ball just wide from 20 yards. Good move from Cardiff.
    • 48'No half-time changes from either manager. It surely won't be long before we see Bellamy - probably for Henderson.
    • 47'Mark Clattenburg awards Liverpool a free-kick when they wanted advantage to be played - Jose Enrique was storming into the box.
    • 46'Second half under way. Liverpool kick off, playing from left to right.
    • 45+2'It's half-time, and Joe Mason has given Cardiff City a shock lead at Wembley! Well, well, well... back in a few minutes.
    • 45+1'Liverpool are obviously on top, but at the same time they look a little disjointed and uncertain in attack.
    • 45+1'One minute of stoppage time to be played.
    • 45'Another Cardiff block as Gerrard is denied. The ball comes back to him and he hacks the ball high over the bar.
    • 44'There was a flag up in the aftermath of that Agger header, but the Dane was definitely onside...
    • 44'Gerrard floats a free-kick into the box for AGGER!!! His header is straight at Heaton, but that is a golden chance!
    • 42'Suarez twists away from his man and hits a shot with the outside of his right boot... Heaton is equal to it. But Liverpool are certainly threatening.
    • 41'Jose Enrique into Suarez with his back to goal. He bobs and weaves away from Hudson but his attempted shot is blocked.
    • 40'Whittingham swings over a Cardiff free-kick... held by Reina.
    • 39'Glorious play by Stewart Downing, turning his man inside out on the left... he crosses towards Henderson who takes an airshot, and Gerrard sidefoots high over! Big chance for Liverpool.
    • 38'Carroll races into the box. plays a one-two with Suarez and it takes a brilliant piece for defending from Hudson to hook the ball away from the big number nine.
    • 36'Another poor touch from Suarez, which is unusual to say the least. This time he puts too much weight on a ball out wide to the overlapping Jose Enrique.
    • 35'Liverpool win a corner on the left, which Gerrard takes... Heaton does really well to rise high and punch the ball clear. The ball comes back in, but Skrtel fouls his man and Cardiff can clear.
    • 34'In the lead-up to that Adam chance Liverpool had a penalty appeal for handball. It's just possible the ball brushed the defender's arm, but deliberate handball it most certainly was not.
    • 33'Gerrard tries one of his patented 'killer balls' towards Downing. You won't be surprised to learn it is cut out.
    • 32'A poor touch from Hudson tees up Adam, who slashes a shot just wide from the edge of the box! That's a real chance, and he should at least have hit the target.
    • 31'Jose Enrique cuts on to his weaker right foot and attempts a 25-yard curler. You'll be unsurprised to learn it is nowhere near the target.
    • 30'Carroll is back to head a long Gunnarsson throw clear - and he also gets a head on the follow-up. Liverpool break...
    • 29'Suarez messes up his control, and almost plays an inadvertent through-ball to Carroll, but the big man doesn't appear to be watching. Not a great moment of telepathic link-up play.
    • 28'Whittingham hits a low, long shot that rebounds back off Skrtel - or possibly Miller. Not sure which, and it hardly matters.
    • 27'Mason nearly latches onto another through-ball in the Liverpool box. he is proving a real menace.
    • 26'Downing skins McNaughton and finds Jose Enrique... Suarez, Carroll... Johnson gives it away. Cardiff well-organised at the back.
    • 25'Oh, good lord. Carroll blasts a shot goalwards from 30 yards. Well, I say goalwards. What I really mean is 'into the second tier'.
    • 24'Gestede strays offside. His role for Cardiff is roughly equivalent to Carroll's for Liverpool.
    • 22'Suarez wriggles towards the byline as he loves to do, but McNaughton does a great job and plays the ball out off the Uruguayan.
    • 21'Suarez tries to break into the Cardiff area, but his path is impeded. Liverpool have extra urgency about them now.
    • 20'Well, that has certainly got things going. Poor marking from Jose Enrique contributed to that - Liverpool should not be giving away goals like that. But it looks like great news for this game's prospects...
    • 19'GOAL! CARDIFF IN FRONT!! It's Joe Mason! A simple goal, as Miller finds him with a neat through pass, and the 20-year-old places the ball between Reina's legs!
    • 18'Suarez clips a cross in towards Carroll, who is there again with a downwards header but Heaton makes a simple save.
    • 17'Cardiff are just struggling for possession a little. They know they will have to make the most of their chances, but currently they are not really in the game.
    • 16'High ball into the box... Carroll meets it, but his header loops off target.
    • 14'Downing thinks about a shot, but tries a give-and-go instead and cannot latch on to the return pass.
    • 13'That early Johnson shot was a bit of a red herring. Since then it has been fairly cagey stuff. Still, early days yet.
    • 12'Naughton heads a Gerrard cross behind for another corner - Downing to deliver an outswinger. No joy.
    • 11'A few muted boos every time Suarez touches the ball. Not sure if that's because of the milking of that recent foul or, you know, other stuff.
    • 9'The opportunity comes to nothing... Malky Mackay is having a good shout from the touchline. He is wearing a suit, unlike Kenny Dalglish.
    • 8'Turner fouls Suarez, who goes down like he has been shot. Correct award of a free-kick, though.
    • 7'This time a deep cross from the right finds Skrtel at the back post, and his header is easily taken by Tom Heaton.
    • 6'Downing wins the first corner of the game for Liverpool... it is aimed towards Carroll who is well-marked but the ball goes out for another corner on the opposite flank.
    • 5'Henderson crosses from the right towards Carroll, who pushes his marker before heading over. He was all over Mark Hudson.
    • 4'Tremendous noise from the Liverpool fans - 'The Fields of Anfield Road' rings out around Wembley.
    • 3'Direct ball through the middle for Cardiff striker Rudy Gestede to chase... Reina comes out to collect.
    • 2'OFF THE BAR!! Glen Johnson hits a curling shot from the edge of the box that comes back off the underside of the crossbar! Gerrard blasts the rebound over, but that was so close! It came from a speedy Liverpool break.
    • 1'Game on! Cardiff kick off, playing from left to right in blue and white. Liverpool all in red.


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