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One of my many testimonies

Mr Triumphant CE Florida, Sandton Grp, Zone 1 Expert

My wife, myself and 2 other brethren were traveling back from Night of Bliss in Johannesburg to Gaborone when we found ourselves suddenly on a dirt road, we knew were traveling in the right direction because we were following direction from a GPS and it was showing that we were 168km away from Gaborone, so we proceeded because going back was no option because we were running out of fuel. We had not fuelled hoping that we would fuel on the way. As we proceeded we were just hoping that we would get into a tarred road soon and get to a fuel station. But we travelled 100km and no tarred road and no fuel station. When the fuel ran out the GPS was showing that we were 68km from Gaborone, but we were still in the middle of the bush, fortunately when the car stopped we were in front of an entrance in to a game reserve. So we asked the lady who manning that gate if she knew where we could get fuel. She informed us that there was someone in one of the nearby villages who sold fuel, which brought a relief to us. We asked her if she could call the guy and confirm if the fuel was available and at how much. She called the guy, and he had no fuel. We asked her if she could check with the owners of the Game Reserve if they could assist us. She radioed them and thank God they were willing to help, but unfortunately they didn't have any petrol but diesel, they also said they would check with their guests in the lodge and their colleagues in the surrounding areas. 

As we were waiting for the response and it was now dark, I remembered what Pastor Chris said at NOBSA, when he was talking about the history of Christians. He said “Check our history we have never failed”, my faith just got propelled, I said to my wife who was standing outside the car speaking to the security lady, “Come get inside let’s go” She looked surprised but she knew exactly what I meant, we were now going to travel by faith. When the owners of the Game Reserve radioed back and said no one had petrol to help us I was not disturbed. Then something inside me told me to look at the dashboard, I saw the fuel gauge moving up and it stopped between half tank and quarter. At that moment the car was off, so that was no way that gauge would move up like that by itself. And I knew that this was the Holy Spirit showing me what fuel we had in the spirit and called my wife and she saw it too. One of the brethren that we had in the car said surely this is a month of testimonies. This even propelled my faith even higher. We asked the security lady how far we were from the tarred road and fuel station; she told us it was 40km. We all got into the car, turned it on and the fuel gauge dropped down to ‘E’ and Red light for no fuel came on. This did not move me; for I knew what the Holy Spirit had shown me. I just drove off.  We travelled 44km not on fuel but by faith. We got to the tarred road and we got to the fuel station, and from there we travelled 20km and we were at the border and home and we did not go through any toll gate.

The journey of faith was a fight because the devil kept on saying to me your faith has not yet reached that level and telling me that we were going to get stranded and even showing me images of us getting stuck in the middle of the bush.  But I kept on meditating on the images of myself giving a testimony and at the same time rehearsing how I would present my testimony. And also singing in my spirit “Great are you Lord”

Praise the Lord

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