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Laughter Break with Jedidiah!

Jedidiah 5 Star

Just a little humor for the soul. Post your comment. Enjoy.


Reinhard Bonke came to Okuokoko village in Delta State for a convention. He mounted the podium and started preaching the gospel. Barely 10 minutes into the sermon, he noticed that the congregation was not catching up seriously. He called on the nearest man (Akpomiemie) and asked him why they were looking blank. Akpomiemie answered, “Sir, dem no understand your big English". Reinhard Bonke thought for a moment and then asked Akpomiemie for assistance. This is what ensued:



Reinhard Bonke: As it is written in the bible,

Akpomiemie: As dem yarn for bible side,

Reinhard Bonke: Jesus entered the boat with his disciples.

Akpomiemie: Na im Jesus fall inside canoe with him pallys

Reinhard Bonke: As the boat was sailing, there was a great storm.

Akpomiemie: As the canoe dey remove, na im yawa come gas.

Reinhard Bonke: The storm was so great that it was like a whirlwind.

Akpomiemie: The yawa na die so tay kasala burst enter.

Reinhard Bonke: The disciples became so afraid and they shouted “Master master.”

Akpomiemie: Na im liver drop him pallys, dem begin hala, “Bros eh, bros eh.”

Reinhard Bonke: Jesus got up and calmed down the wind.

Akpomiemie: Na im Jesus rise up come arrange the yawa.

Reinhard Bonke: He turned to his disciples and said, “Oh ye men of little faith.”

Akpomiemie: “Na so Jesus look him pallys, shake him head say “UNA FALL MY HAND' "

Reinhard Bonke: The disciples replied and said, “What manner of man is this?”

Akpomiemie: Him pallys come hala say, “Shuo! Bros J, which levels na? YOU BE WINSH!!!”

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