Where is this place located?

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WAZZUB is the world’s one and only Profit Sharing Phenomenon. It is the first online social community that shares its profits with its free pre-launch members simply for choosing WAZZUB as their home page after launch. WAZZUBis always free for everyone.


WAZZUB is an international project that has been created by a handful of entrepreneurs and investors. In September 2011, they founded GIT Global Investments, Inc. (GIT) for the purpose of running WAZZUB and related businesses.
GIT is registered under the laws of Oregon. The Registration No. is 802159-90. GIT’s registered office is at 391 NW 179th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006 and our WAZZUB headquarters is located at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 364, Las Vegas, NV 89128.


How does WAZZUB make money?


WAZZUB makes money in many different ways. On April 9th 2012, we will launch a state-of-the-art website with patent-pending technology. On this page, we’ll display ads and special deals.


In fact, we do exactly the same as companies like Facebook, Google, AOL and Yahoo. They offer free services and earn billions of $$$ just by displaying ads and special offers.


The only difference is that we (WAZZUB) share our profits with our pre-launch members. Sign-up now as a pre-launch member here.


What is the Power of “We”


Companies like Google or Facebook earn BILLIONS OF $$$ every quarter just because the Internet users use their services. It is time to understand, that “the users” can decide who is earning the big money. If we together decide to use the services of a company that shares profits with us, there is nothing that the other companies could do about it.


It’s so easy: the more users that join the WAZZUB Family for free, the more money we “the users” will earn! That is what we call the Power of “We”!


To sign-up and reserve your pre-launch position, simply click here or copy and paste http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrR ef=0e07e to your web browser.




* Free forever

* No hidden fees

* Nothing to sell

* Nothing to buy


Just sign up, spread the word and profit!


Click here to sign-up now!




For enquiries, please send email to beecogroup@gmail.com or Click here for more details