Where is this place located?


I give thanks.

I give thanks to the Lord.

I give thanks to you, and you, and you!

Thanks? For what?

Thanks for knowing You; thanks for letting me know You.

Thanks for being true to Who You are; Thanks for making me who I am.

Thanks for giving me everything; thanks for teaching me to give all.

Thanks for my true friends; thanks for those who would be my enemies. (They matter to me because they matter to you).

Thanks for the greater Light that rules the day; thanks for the lesser light that rules the night.

Thanks for your Fire that burns in my heart; thanks for your Water that refreshes my soul.

Thanks for your Love that surpasses knowledge; thanks for your Love that’s shed abroad in my heart

Thanks for your sound investments in me; thanks for the profits I have brought in thus far.

Thanks for the great people You brought into my life; thanks for the obscure ones you took away.

Thanks for opening my eyes to see good; thanks for shielding them from beholding evil.

Thanks for the intercessions; thanks for the testimonies.

Thanks for the darkness that I might shine evermore!

Thanks for the Light; it’s the path I tread continually.

Thanks for 2011; thanks for 2012.

Many more thanks until the Rapture, when thanksgiving shall forever be.