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A community of people who believe in miracles and are recipients through the healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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RealMiraclesToday Official, Evangelist Eddy Owase


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Jul 3, 2011

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"watch the next episode of Real Miracles Today on these international TV stations: LOVEWORLD SAT (South African time) Sunday 10am Thursday 1am Friday 6pm LOVEWORLD Plus (Nigerian time) Friday 2:30pm Saturday 5:30pm Thursday 4:30am LOVEWORLD TV UK (GMT+1) Saturday 7am Saturday 2pm Sunday 2pm. "Real People...Real Testimonies...Real Miracles Today.".

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"Welcome to the official group page for   the Real Miracles Today community on yookos.      Real Miracles Today is  more than a TV program, it's a movement. It is the Word of God, living and in  active demonstration.        Join us as we make known the authenticity and importance of miracles in our day and time.   God Bless You                                              'Real   People...Real Testimonies...Real Miracles   Today.' ”

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Dont miss this!... TOTAL TRANSFORMATION -the story of Jason Strydon


TOTAL TRANSFORMATION -the story of Jason Strydom


One of the things that Jesus made possible by his coming is divine healing.

It is for anyone and everyone who would dare to believe. Here is a story that will both stir your faith and boost your confidence in God’s love.

The miraculous healing of Jason Strydom

20130803212918~Happy Strydom family.JPGFrom handycam 223.JPG


How it all began:

Our son Jason Strydom was admitted in hospital in June 2009 with Bronchitis. He was in hospital for 2 weeks and then placed in ICU on a ventilator because he had trouble breathing. After numerous blood tests and scans, a lung biopsy was carried out on the 24th of July 2009, because he was getting worse and developed double pneumonia.

The diagnosis:

The biopsy showed he had the virus Citomegalo which you only find in cancer, HIV or donor transplant patients. They said they found the virus a little bit late, Jason was weak and he had to take the medication for 30 days. They had no guarantee that his body would take it, as he was receiving white blood cells due to a low immune system from the long time in hospital...

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Faith is the substance, the tangibility of things hoped for and the evidence, proof, authenticator of things not seen. Faith is a possessor and cannot fail. Faith is the ingredient that binds all creation together and keeps this earth ball spinning. Faith comes only by hearing God's word and so we see the remedy to that situation, that condition you may have been battling with for so long. LISTEN! Keep the word pouring over you, keep it on and loud, surround yourself with it and be lost in it. Your faith will rise like an edifice and swallow everything that opposes it.

Faith is the key, use it.

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"Real People...Real Testimonies...Real Miracles Today."

About Real Miracles Today TV Show

Real Miracles Today, is a testimony, report based TV show. It is the product of the vision of our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to take God's divine presence to the nations of the world, demonstrating the character of the Spirit.

It is more than a TV program. It is a movement.

It is the word of God, living and in active demonstration, packaged in such a way that anyone can understand and have their faith stirred to receive their own miracle.

It is a forum that affords everyone the opportunity to participate; to share their testimonies of the Word at work and for others to receive inspiration.

It is our mission to explore and exploit every means by which to show the reality, relevance authenticity and importance of miracles in our day and time.

The testimonies shared here on Real Miracles Today are the true stories of individuals whose lives have been uniquely touched and forever changed by an encounter with the Healing anointing of God at work in the ministry of our man of God Pastor Chris.




Healing hands Prt 1: A creative miracle!

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