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Date: 1 May 2012

Time: 12 noon

Venue: Christ Embassy Madrid auditorium




This is a very special outreach-evangelism program that will be conducted entirely in Spanish; and of course it is directed towards the Spanish indigenes and all Spanish speaking population.



We held a previous program like this last December, and it was a great success. We ministered to all our Spanish guests with songs in Spanish, there was a very touching playlet about the life in Christ, we gave Spanish Rhapsodies to everyone in attendance, we introduced everyone to the ministry of the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and we ministered the Word to them. Several people gave their lives to Christ, and several also received healing in their bodies. Everyone in attendance left strengthened and the seed of the Word of God was planted in them.



We are persuaded that this is something that definitely needs to be done. Programs like this contribute to expand our influence among the Spanish people. We must reach the Spanish people. We have the most valuable message in the whole world; we have the anointing of the Holy Spirit; and we know that God has sent us to do this.


Therefore, I encourage you and instruct you to engage all your potentials and resources into it. You have a vital part to play! This is a program for everyone! Make sure you invite at least three Spanish people to the program, ensure you pray towards it, sow a seed, participate in the evangelism outings and invest all your talents and gifts into this event. You will be very happy and tremendously blessed that you did.


You are highly blessed!



Everybody in Yookos! Our time is now!

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God's destiny for your  life !!!
God has prearranged you life for good.You walk those paths that have been laid out for you before the foundation of the world and you prosper in all of your ways today, for your path is as the shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day. Hallelujah.

you use the Word of faith in your mouth, to command situations and circumstances of life to conform to God's destiny for your  life! The power to change things is resident within you, thus, as you vocalize your faith, mountains move, valleys are filled and every crooked path is made straight, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

The Partnership super sunday, what a programe we had today, i am so excitad in my spirit , and i know this programe will transform our members greatly, to be more comitted to the work of the ministry. First of all i want to use this medium to thank our father inchrist Pastor Toni, for his opportunity, support, encouragement to make this vision a reality today; for given us the platform to minister to the people of God, My wonderful brethren in Christ Embassy Madrid you are too much, for your time patience and for the good work we are doing together with all our brethern all over the Word. For demostrating the carácter of Christ, which is love and the visionof the ministry, which is taking the gospel to the end of the whole Earth.Thesefollowingdepartments are also recognised for the success of todays programme: the music ministry, thank you very much, God incresaed you in yourability, the positive creation, thank you so so much for adding colour to the programe,  the technical crew, thanks for your commitment in the growth of our ministry, and for your Divine inspiration  in your commitment. The governor of  the Haven Madrid, thank you sir for your support; And finally my fellow partnership department members, you have chosen the way of success by participating in this programme and the children Partners keep the Light on, together we will all  make the

World a better place and make the presence of God felt  more than ever before. Thank you  all and God blessed you richly.



                Bro Joseph Okpeahior,
Leader Partnership Dept. Christ Embassy Madrid.


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We thank the Holy Spirit for his precious ministry in our lives, leading us and helping us to receive every teaching and revelation contained in this book! I declare that everything the Lord purposed to achieve in your life and through your life with this book is fulfilled to the glory of his Name! Amen!


We are devoting time to study the book, and there is so much to share about it. I INVITE YOU TO POST YOUR PICTURE WITH THE BOOK AND WRITE A BRIEF STATEMENT OR HIGHLIGHT from it! You will certainly bless us! Go ahead, the ‘kosmos’ is waiting for you!


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