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October 4, 2011 blogs.view.previousday.label blogs.view.nextday.label

Dearest and beloved, greetings in the most blessed Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


During the communion service live with Pastor Chris, our Man of God gave us so many uplifting and instructive life-filled words; and prayed specifically for us after the communion. We were indeed blessed and set in course for the month of October!


Remember he announced to us that the season of productivity stretches further unto the month of October! Wow! What a grace! Make sure to take advantage of such a unique season as this one. Understand this, certainly as a child of God you are always productive; but the Man of God has made known unto us by the Spirit that we are in a season of unusual productiveness! I am making the best of this season - I am sowing prophetic words, prayers and faith proclamations; I am sowing my resources and my riches; I am sowing my efforts and my talents; I am sowing all round! And my harvest is unusually high, in the Name of Jesus! Amen!


Then, he also gave us some specific spiritual instructions, such as: "In the course of this month make faith proclamations, insist on your rights in Christ, and watch your words come to pass! Watch your progress every week, for you will make progress; become conscious of your achievements and write them down". We endorse these words, in the Name of Jesus! Amen!


You are highly blessed!




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