Where is this place located?

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  1. Bible man game show - The Bible man game show is a game where each contestant has a time limit (e.g 5 minutes) to quote a stipulated number of Scriptures(accurately).The contestant with the most accurately quoted scriptures wins.The winner at the zonal rally goes home with an ipad 2.
  2. Cell Ministry Quiz - The quiz will be on cell ministry. Each contestant is required to be well versed in all activities of cell ministry, cell ministry manual, cell outline, holding cell meetings etc. The winner at the zonal rally goes home with a Blackberry phone.
  3. Topping the Chart is an essay competition of not more than 4 lines of what the theme of the rally; Topping the Chart means to you. The competition is on lagoszone1cellleaders group on yookos. The competition is open to all cell leaders and PCF Leaders.
  4. The competition is already on the group and will be pulled down by 12 noon Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2012. Best inspiring Entry goes home with ipad 2