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​Dear Leaders

Tuesday, December 7th 2011 is the birthday of our great Man of God, Father, Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. There was a Royal banquet to celebrate our Man of God because he has been of immense blessing to us. Pastor Prayed for all of us, his children at the banquet and we received it(In the realm of the spirit there are no barriers).

Here is the prayer for you to lambano again and again!




Father I thank you for your children.


I declare that you shall live out your dreams with courage, health, strength & dominion over every situation.

His words will produce result in your life.


Thank you Father for touching their lives.

Thank you for touching their families.

Thank you for ministering faith into their spirits.


Your victories will be celebrated around the world.

The power of the Holy Spirit has lifted you and that power takes you to an higher level. Your vision has been expanded.

You'll see greater things than before.

He'll open your eyes to see what He'll do in your life. And it shall be so.

He has made you a wonder.


Thus saith the Lord, - The nations are mine...

The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

I have chosen and called you and given you my word therefore walk in the consciousness of my spirit because when you do, you'll work in the consciousness of my kingdom


Have no fear for I am your strength and exceeding great reward.


God bless you.