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God has done so much for everyone and this is all wrapped up in Jesus. Jesus is the answer to everyman’s question; the good news (the gospel) is what every man needs. Where ever the gospel meets a man, it will answer the questions of his life and promote him. The gospel is relevant to everybody; every man needs salvation.

When the Apostle Paul came before King Agrippa he spoke so much about his conviction that King Agrippa said ‘almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian’ (Acts 26:28). No matter where Paul starts from, as soon as he was given any opportunity to talk, it always ended up in him preaching the gospel. He wished every one he came across to be like him except for the bonds (Acts 26:29).

Even though Paul was a prisoner in the physical, he was their deliverer in reality! He knew that what he had was what the people needed. He wasn’t taken aback, or confused, observing lying vanities and looking at the fact that they sat on a throne; he saw their need and nakedness and he sought to give them what he had which they needed; salvation!

It was his responsibility to make the gospel available.

This is how it is with us also; our responsibility is to make the word of God available. Bring the word to those in your sphere of contact. There are some people that only we can have access to, what they need is the word in our mouth. They may hear the word of God in television but it won’t move them; they may read it in a book but it won’t move them.  It is only when we say it to them that they will listen. It is the word in our mouth that they will listen to. Don’t miss this kind of opportunity.


Every one of us has a personal ministry of reconciliation, sharing the gospel with other people. God will never tell you to do what he has not equipped you to do. If you are born-again, you have the Holy Spirit. He has made you a minister of reconciliation and so everything you need is with you; all you need is to stir it up!


Culled from Wednesday 5th October 2011 service with Pastor Lanre Alabi.

Christ Embassy LCC6- A2 Billings Way, Oregun Industrial Estate, Ikeja.

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