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Posted by Stanley Onyebum in How To Pray Effectively on Mar 27, 2012 8:27:26 AM

CANDID TALK: Did you ever give up a desire because you felt you had no power to get it?

Often, we are faced with situations that seem beyond our powers to control. We wish we could do something about them, but we find that the forces at play aren’t within our sphere of influence… Yes, the world in which we live functions according to specific laws, both human and natural laws, and we can understand the cause and effects of life’s affairs through these laws.


It’s remarkable, however, that men have been able to intrude on the pre-arranged course of nature at different times in history. Joshua, for instance, in his bid to win a war, prayed to God that the sun stood still, and it happened. Elijah the prophet sought to proclaim the relevance and power of God to the people of his generation, so he prayed that it shouldn’t rain in the earth, and the heavens were shut for a space of three-and-a-half years. King Hezekiah was able to reverse God’s pronouncement of death on his life when he turned his face to the wall in prayer. All these and many others wrought changes in realms that appeared beyond their wherewithal through the prayer of petition.


The conditions of Elijah’s day aren’t so distant from what we experience today; nor are the challenges of olden times removed from the difficulties we may face today. But can we still effect changes and work miracles today through the petition prayer? The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’ according to Chris Oyakhilome PhD. In his ever so explicit style, he expounds the keystone wisdom thatunderstanding the mind of God on the subject of your prayer establishes the confidence and authority upon which your petitions are made. You’ll be metamorphosed as you unravel the mysteries to key results through the prayer of petition.


Candid Talk: Did you ever give up a desire because you felt you had no power to get it?