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Posted by LoveWorld Books in How To Pray Effectively on Jan 28, 2012 4:54:18 PM

Did you ever ask God for some material need but didn’t get it…What did you think went wrong?

In the book How To Pray Effectively, it’s significant such that the author Rev Chris Oyakhilome PhD dedicates a whole chapter to the issue of praying for material needs, a gesture that lends credence to the importance of that aspect of praying.

Our existence as humans revolves around some peculiar needs, from the basic ones to the luxuries that make living more enjoyable. Although the spiritual man would classify his spiritual needs as of utmost priority, he’s still not severed from the world of everyday people – men and women, young and old – who have need of one material item or the other.

These needs are as numerous and diverse as there are people; for while one man needs a car to move around with, another needs a new pair of shoes. One fellow seeks to acquire a piece of real-estate, yet another one needs to pay his rent.

Circumstances, however, are not always favourable for the realization of our goals, expectations or dreams. And so, we’re often either gripped by fear, slain in despair, or driven to our knees in prayer.

But then, the one who prays gets overwhelmed many times when his prayers don’t yield desired outcomes. Assumptions begin to arise as to how he should pray and be heard. It’s one thing to pray, but it’s another to engage God with the accurate understanding that makes prayer both worthwhile and fulfilling. When it comes to praying for material needs, how must we pray to get results?

Besides, there’s the religious school of thought that says God answers to our needs, not our wants. In other words, God would only grant the requests for essentials, not luxuries. This piece of theology, drawing somewhat on semantics, naturally appeals to the pious mind. But is it a notion we can pin firmly to the Scriptures?

The desire for well-founded knowledge is so critical in our day; a fact that makes the book How To Pray Effectively a timely resource piece. In the chapter, “Praying For Material Needs”, the author doesn’t mince matters in his delivery of the truth. It’s a piece you must read.

Now, back to the candid talk…

Did you ever ask God for some material need but didn’t get it…What did you think went wrong?