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Dr Andrew Deaner, the cardiologist and Tottenham Hotspur supporter who leapt from his seat in the crowd and rushed on to the pitch to help Fabrice Muamba after the Bolton midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup tie at White Hart Lane on Saturday, has described the player's recovery as "miraculous".


Fabrice Muamba recovery described as 'miraculous' by doctor following Bolton midfielder's cardiac arrest
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On hand: Dr Deaner (right) a season-ticket holder at White Hart Lane, ran from the stands to offer his assistance at Muamba was treated on the pitch



Dr Andrew Deaner described Muamba's recovery as "miraculous" after he was effectively brought back from the dead after the player's heart had stopped for over an hour.

"If you're going to use the term miraculous, I guess it could be used here," said Dr Deaner.

Muamba, 23, remains in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital where he had been in a critical state since Saturday evening. However, early signs of a recovery continue and the footballer on Monday night told Bolton's team doctor Jonathan Tobin he was "fine".

Dr Jonathan Tobin, who visited Muamba on Monday evening, said: "I'm glad to say that the early signs of recovery have continued. I went to see Fabrice last night. I went in and he said 'Hi, doc.'

"I asked him how he was and he said 'Fine'