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Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We trust that you are enjoying Special Grace in all of your endeavours. This grace was birthed in our spirits when we got born again. At the beginning of the year, the man of God, Pastor Chris through the Spirit declared the year 2013 as the year of Favour. Favour is an outward manifestation of grace. Hallelujah!

While we experience and celebrate God’s grace in our lives, this is the season to thank the Lord almighty and also count our blessings one by one. We also thank you our dear partners for being God's outstretched arm to millions throughout this year 2013. Through your dedication, you made real the desires of many to receive salvation and experience miracles at the Healing School.


As our man of God, Pastor Chris, touches millions of people, one at a time, you are a partaker of God’s grace that is at work in the Healing School of Christ Embassy.  During the year, we experienced numerous blessings, victories and testimonies. Some of the areas where we made impact and touched lives one by one include:

1. The abundant grace scheme- Fulfilling dreams and restoring hopes.

2. Healing School Missions - Spreading God’s Love.

3. Ministers’ Visitation Program - An Oasis of Light

      4. Healing School Sessions.

We made impact in the lives of people around the world; read their victory and praise reports and be inspired for greater exploits in 2014.


Cecil Mbaya was diagnosed with breast cancer and was immediately put on chemotherapy to combat its aggressive symptoms. Combined with the effects of the medication, her condition took a heavy toll on her body. She became very weak and was in constant pain. To worsen the situation, she was informed that they would have to amputate her right breast to stop the cancer from spreading further. In need of a divine solution, she journeyed to Canada, all the way from France, to attend the Healing School Summer Session where she was gloriously healed when the man of God ministered to her. A picture of life and wellbeing, she recounted her experience; “the doctors could find no trace of the cancer in my body, and they asked me where I went to. I told them I went to the Healing School; that’s where I received healing and transformation. I want to thank the man of God, Pastor Chris, for bringing the Healing School to Canada, I am eternally grateful.”


Elseline Helmijr from the Netherlands was diagnosed with Tietze’s syndrome and bone cancer. Her right hip was severely damaged and had to be operated on so it wouldn’t break, and she was confined to a wheelchair afterwards. The doctors said her ailment was terminal, and they could only hope to control the metastases by inducing menopause so that her hormones would no longer feed the cancer. Her daily life became depressing as simple pleasures like dancing and running became alien to her. In need of total restoration, she came to the Healing School, accompanied by her daughter. At the Healing School, the man of God laid hands on her and transferred the healing anointing to her body, correcting every anomaly. Exuberant and deeply fulfilled, Elseline beamed as she narrated the story of God’s goodness in her life.


The Healing School Abundant Grace Scheme: Matimba Maluleke came for the Autumn Session in 2011 and was miraculously healed of Steven-Johnson's syndrome and partial blindness. He had to get back to work afterwards, but his farmland had become dilapidated while he was ill and needed irrigation as there was no water in the area. The Healing School presented him with an irrigation plant. “I'm overjoyed and so grateful to the Healing School. Not only have I received my healing, my life is now back on track!” says Matimba.


The Minister Visitation Program impacted ministers who took the message to their nation.  A minister of the gospel, Valentiu Ghenghita of River of Life Church in Romania testifies, “At the Healing School of Christ Embassy, I was shocked at the amazing miracles that I saw. I was speechless, because the power and anointing of God was so strong that I could hardly breathe. Of a truth, my life can never be the same again, because I heard words of love from the man of God, Pastor Chris; words concerning my finances, words for recreating my world with my imagination. Pastor Chris is so kind, full of love and very humble. I am going to impact everyone I come in contact with, telling them how beautiful, glorious and marvellous Jesus and the Holy Spirit are.”



Praise the Lord. Hallelujah!!


Healing School Prayer Network